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If you mean having one atom, for instance a gas, and how many metals it can bond with, it depends on how many valence electrons the gas atom has.

If we took Nitrogen (N) which has 5 valence electrons, it needs 3 more to form a covalent bond, so it has the ability to bond with 3 lithium (Li) atoms as they each have one valence electron, therefore creating a stable covalent bond.

Sources: Grade 9 Science

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Q: Which atoms can have multiple covalent bonds?
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What are three principal types of bonds that hold multiple atoms together?

covalent bonds, ionic bonds, and hydorgen bonds

What covalent bonds are their role in combining atoms?

The covalent bonds are their role in combining atoms Is In Your Facee ;D

What are atoms bonded together with covalent bonds?

When atoms are bonded together with covalent bonds, the result is a molecule.

Do covalent bonds hold together ions or atoms?

Covalent bonds hold atoms together. Ionic bonds hold ions together

What bonds are atoms held together by?

covalent bonds.

What type of bond do atoms share electrons?

In covalent bonds, electrons are shared. In ionic bonds, electrons are transferred.

What bonds does carbon atoms tend to form?

Carbon will almost always form bonds with other carbon atoms, and that is part of what makes it such a useful element.

What kind of bonds hold together atoms in a molecule?

The bonds are ionic or covalent.

What are the covalent bonds?

Covalent bonds are formed between atoms by sharing electrons between them.

What is a covalent bonds form?

covalent bonds are formed when electrons are shared between atoms.

When atoms form bonds with atoms they share?

Covalent bonds are formed when atoms share electrons

The carbon atoms in organic molecules are bonded to other atoms by?

Carbon atoms are fixed into organic compounds in The Calvin Cycle.