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Folic Acid, if in adequate amounts during early pregnancy, can help prevent spina bifida.

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Q: Which b vitamin can prevent Spina bifida?
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Can you have a car accident and then develope spina bifida at age 32?

Not spina bifida. It is a birth defect. But you can become a paraplegic and lose the use of your legs. Spina bifida is caused most often by lack of vitamin B and probably by being exposed to certain drugs and alcohol in the womb.

What are the tests needed to determine spina bifida prenatally?

Taking vitamin B (folic acid) before getting pregnant will lower the risk of Spina Bifida. Ultra sound, Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) and amniocentesis are the tests used in early pregnancy to rule out such abnormalities.

What happens if you dont take enough folic acid?

Folic acid is a B vitamin that is imperative to the growth of a healthy fetus. If you don't take enough folic acid during pregnancy, what could happen is that your baby might be born with spina bifida.

Is Spina Bifida hereditary?

The exact cause(s) of Spina Bifida are not yet known. Heredity is said to be a factor, but again they don't yet know exactly.Some known risk factors (from the Mayo Clinic, see related link):Race. Spina bifida is more common among whites and Hispanics.Family history of neural tube defects. Couples who've had one child with a neural tube defect have a slightly higher chance of having another baby with the same defect. That risk increases if two previous children have been affected by the condition. In addition, a woman who was born with a neural tube defect, or who has a close relative with one, has a greater chance of giving birth to a child with spina bifida. However, most babies with spina bifida are born to parents with no known family history of the condition.Folate deficiency.Folate (vitamin B-9) is important to the healthy development of a baby. Folate is the natural form of vitamin B-9. The synthetic form, found in supplements and fortified foods, is called folic acid. A folate deficiency increases the risk of spina bifida and other neural tube defects.Some medications.Anti-seizure medications, such as valproic acid (Depakene, Stavzor), seem to cause neural tube defects when taken during pregnancy, perhaps because they interfere with the body's ability to use folate and folic acid.Diabetes. Women with diabetes who don't control their blood sugar well have a higher risk of having a baby with spina bifida.Obesity.Pre-pregnancy obesity is associated with an increased risk of neural tube birth defects, including spina bifida.Increased body temperature. Some evidence suggests that increased body temperature (hyperthermia) in the early weeks of pregnancy may increase the risk of spina bifida. Elevating your core body temperature due to fever or the use of saunas or hot tubs, has been associated with increased risk of spina bifida.

What disease does Vitamin B prevent?

mostly heart diseases

Is there any way to prevent a B Vitamin deficiency?

Vitamin B deficiency can be prevented by maintaining a good diet with consumption of vegetables that provide this vitamin and taking multivitamins as prescribed by your physician.

Why should expectant mothers take frolic acid tablets?

Folic acid should be taken by a woman who hopes to become pregnant and during the early months of pregnancy. It is one of the B vitamins and it helps to prevent defects such as spina bifida. This is an abnormality caused by the brain and spinal cord failing to develop properly.

Who needs Vitamin B12?

Because the vitamin B-12 deficiency may be the cause or the result of to prevent depression try to check your B-12 level.

Why take folic acid?

It is a B vitamin. It prevents anemia, it can prevent birth defects, and may help prevent cancer and Alzheimer's.

What vitamin can minimize the risk of neural tube defects?

The vitamin deficiency most closely associated with neural tube defects is the B vitamin, folic acid (or folate). Supplementation with Folic Acid 400 mcg/day (up to 1,000 mcg or 1 mg per day) for 6-8 weeks before pregnancy (and preferably throughout pregnancy) is associated with a roughly 50% reduction (30-70%) in the risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect (such as spina bifida).

Where to get vitamin B from?

You can get vitamin B from milk

What vitamins help your hair grow?

Vitamins B,C, and E are ideal for hair growth. Vitamin C helps prevent breakage, while vitamin B helps create protein for your body. And vitamin E prevents hair loss

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