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The fray is a much better band than one republic..... one republic is a good band just the fray is better

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Q: Which band do you like better The Fray or One Republic?
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What are some bands like the fray?

One Republic

What kind of songs does Louis Tomlinson like?

His favorite band is The Fray

Is secondhand serenade Christian?

Their band is made up of christian disciples as they grew up in evangelistic homes, however, they are not a pronounced christian band, just like the fray, one republic, u2, owl city, mute math, anberlin, paramore and others

What are some bands like Coldplay?

U2, The Fray, Radiohead... but Coldplay is better than all of them.

What is better band hero or rock band?

That really depends on what type of music you like. I personally like Rock Band better, but it depends.

Who sang the national anthem at the 2012 ncaa championship game?

The Fray. I hope you didn't like the performance, cuz they are the gayest band i can think of

Where can one find the lyrics from all the songs of the band The Fray?

There are many websites that offer lyrics. One could check The Fray's official website. One could also use various websites that collect lyrics like Lyrics123.

Is guitar hero wt better than rock band?

i personally like Rock Band 2 better

Which one direction member likes the fray?

I think they all like The Fray but I heard that Louis and Harry like them the most

Is the band Cartel a Christian band?

Yes, but they are more like the Fray and Paramore in how they present their message. They aren't trying to convert anymore or anything along those lines they just use their faith to power their music. Kind of cool if you ask me.

Is the band the frey a Christian band?

No the Eagles is not considered a Christian band. They are a early rock band. However, some of their songs may have a Christian meaning, but it does not make the band a Christian band.

Do knitted fabrics fray?

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