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Barbara Striesand

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Earth, Wind & Fire

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Q: Which band was the first African-American act to sell out in Madison Square Garden?
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Where was wrestling first played?

Madison Square Garden

Where was the first Survivor series held?

Madison Square Garden, NY

What did Nikola Tesla demonstrate at Madison Square Garden?

By 1898, he was demonstrating to the world the first remote controlled model boat at Madison Square Garden. He called his invention the automaton.

Where and when and how old was Demi Lovato at her first concert?

at Madison square garden at age15

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When and where did the Knicks win their first championship?

They won their first championship at Madison Square Garden in 1970.

Who defeated first time Mohammad ALi?

Joe Frazier, in 1971, at Madison Square Garden.

The first artificial ice rink in the US?

New York City's Madison Square Garden

How old was Justin Bieber when he first performed at Madison square garden?


Where did criss angel get his first gig?

It was Madison Square Garden when he was part of the industrial rock band Angeldust.

What year did led zeppelin first play at Madison square garden New York city?


What was the name of the old Boston garden?

Its called the Boston Garden... It was first named in 1928 (year opened) "Boston Madison Square Garden". President Coolidge Turned on the lights for the first time. After a year, the rivalry grew between New York and Boston, and the Madison was dropped. "THE Boston Garden"