American Revolution

Which battle won the Revolutionary War?


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American Revolution War, which two countries were involved? who won?

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The battle of Waxhaws was won by the british.

The British Regulars won the battle Of Lexington at the beginning of the war.

The Battle of Yorktown ended the revolutionary war

they both fought in the battle of yorktown. it was the last war in the revolutionary war and we won

winning it. NO, the Battle of Yorktown and the Battle of Saratoga Battle of Saratoga - because if the colonists had not won it they might not have had hope of winning the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Yorktown - because that was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War and the Colonists won it - this was written by a different person than who wrote, (stupidly), winning it

The first battle that they won was the battle at Trenton, the day after Christmas..

Battle of Bull Run was the first victory and the first major battle in the Revolutionary war. the battles of bull run were in the civil war not revolution

The last battle that the Americans won in the revoluion was Yorktown

Southern campaign of the American Revolutionary War.

George Washington won by forcing the British to capitulate at the Battle of Yorktown.

the British won the Battle of Charleston south Carolina (in west Virginia. not badly but the British won.

the battle of Yorktown ended the revolutionary war

The Americans won the revolutionary war in America.

Washington repelled the British attacks.

Battle of Yorktown (Virginia) in 1781. War not officially over until 1783.

The first battle of the Revolutionary War is considered to be the Battle of Lexington. This "Battle" was not even what could be called a skirmish. The British technically won the battle because more Americans than British were killed on Lexington Green and because the colonists did not prevent the British from moving on to Concord.

The first battle of the revolutionary war was in 1775 and was the battle of Lexington and Concord.The first battle of the Revolutionary War would be the Battle of Lexington and Concord.Lexington

The last battle fo the Revolutionary War was in Yorktown.

The battle of Yorktown ended the Revolutionary war.

NO, it was not. The 1st battle of the Revolutionary War was the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

the battle at Yorktown basically ended the revolutionary war.

Yes, the battle of Yorktown was the end of the Revolutionary war.

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