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Q: Which best describe how the sun energy impacts the process of precipitation?
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Does precipitation give off energy?

Precipitation is a flocking of water mist to a large dew and fall down. Process that release energy is condensation when water vapour condense to small mist.

Describe A process that converts chemical energy to thermal energy?

Burning a material converts chemical energy into thermal energy.

Describe the process wind goes through to become energy?


The word used to describe the process when energy changes its form?


Describe the process of respiration including cell structures process involved location of each process and energy derived?

describe the flow of air into and through the respiratory system using appropriate medical terminology

Impacts of Rising Energy Costs on Commercial Solar Leads?

Impacts of Rising Energy Costs on Commercial Solar Leads

What are the negative impacts of electrical energy?

too much energy

What is the word used to describe the process when energy changes form?

It is most commonly refered to as "Work"

How did heat bring about protein precipitation?

When heat is introduced to a protein, is causes more kinetic energy. When this happens, the heat causes the proteins to fold and bend, The precipitation is caused when the moisture is being evaporated from the proteins during this process.

What are the Environmental impacts of a toaster?

it uses energy

What is the explanation for the negative impact of incineration?

you can check out this site for some negative impacts

What is it called when plants turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into energy and oxygen?

The process that you describe is called, "Photosynthesis".