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The best type of account for money you use to pay regular bills is a checking account.

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Q: Which best type of account for money you use to pay regular bills?
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What is best a money market account or savings account?


What are the best ways to learn how to save money?

One of the best ways to learn how to save money is from a young age. Parents can show their children how to save and this will give them knowledge for when they are earning their own money. A regular savings account is also a good way to save as it can automatically make payments into the account so that the account holder does not have to go into a bank to do so.

Why were checks and balances created?

Checks were the best way of paying your bills before they invented debit cards. And a balance was the best way of knowing whether you had enough money in your account to cover the check.

Budgeting is about?

Budgeting is about doing the best you can do with your money. You budget so you will have enough money to pay your bills and know where you money is going.

How would the sponserd money would be used?

It would be best to get some new gear or paying your bills if you have to pay bills

How do I find the best savings account if I don't have much money?

You can find the best savings account if you don't have much money at Another good site is

How can you receive payments on your credit card from another person?

The person can send the payment to the company with the payment notice. Be sure the account number is on the check, money order, whatever. The credit card co. doesn't care who pays, just as long as they get the money. This does not mean the person will be responsible for the account. The best option is for the person to pay the account holder and they pay by the regular process.

If a creditor claims they sent 14 bills before sending your debt to collections but you only received two bills can you dispute this?

If the account was in default due to failure to pay it is unlikely non-receipt is grounds for argument. Were the two bills received paid according to the agreement? Even so, the debtor knew the account/debt existed and money owed. The person could try using the lack of communication as a defense but it would be a flimsy one at best.

How do you protect yourself from inflation?

Invest your money. Passbook savings accounts are not a good hedge against inflation. Buy something when the price is low, and hope for the best, or put your money into a money market account. In order to do that, you first have to accumulate money. For many people, the best way to start is with a savings account to which they make regular deposits. If you can deposit $50 every two weeks for a year, you will have sufficient funds to invest in a broad range of much better investment tools.

Did Jon steal from Kate?

Both Jon and Kate withdrew money from a bank account designated solely for household expenses. There was an account for regular bills that both were required to deposit $7,500 in each month, and a second account for additional expenses (quarterly taxes etc.). Both Jon and Kate were supposed to get permission from the other before withdrawing funds from the second account - but they both broke the rule by withdrawing money without discussing it with the other. The judge ordered Jon Gosselin to return $180,000 in withdrawals to the account, and for Kate to provide documentation of why she has withdrew $50,000. So did Jon steal from Kate? Yes But Kate also stole from the same account. They both broke the same agreement regarding the money. In addition to putting the money back in the account, or showing how it was used to benefit the children, the judge ordered Jon and Kate to return to arbitration and to settle things amicably and in the best interest of the children.

Where would one find interest rates for a money market account?

To find money market account interest rates, one would have to contact a bank or broker. That would be the best way to get the best rates currently in effect.

What is counterfeit money?

fake money.

Why is your bank account garnished?

Your bank account can be garnished if you have an unpaid bill that has remained unpaid for a long time. The company (or the debt collector) can take legal action to recover the money owed from either your wage, or your bank account. There are specific laws for each situation, so you need to be careful. Best option is just to make sure your bills are paid on time.

Where can I find the best money market account rates?

Currently, Capital One offers the best rates, but this changes daily. Check out the list at

I would like to check if a money order is counterfeit.?

You can take the check to the bank that issued the money order. They will be able to verify if the money order is original or counterfeit. This is the only way of identifying this information. Or you can deposit the money order in your bank account and if it is counterfeit you will not get any money.

Fake money is called?

counterfeit money

Sentence for the word money?

Don't spend your money on useless things.You have to be careful on how you spend your money.3. The best way to keep track of your money is to open up a bank account.

Is it better to exchange my dollars once in Europe or in Canada before I go?

You will usually get the best exchange rate in a bank where you have a regular account

What is a cheat to get money on Webkinz?

just don't do any cheats because my best friend did it and lost her account

What should I know before I put my money into a money market savings account?

You are going to want to check around for the best interest rates on the money market accounts. You always want to invest your money into the best one that is going to make you the most amount of money.

How can you find the best savings account interest rate currently available on the market?

The best way to find the best savings account interest rate is to use price comparison sites. The easiest one to use is money supermarket. There is also The Money Expert which gives nice reviews of each service.

Can collections freeze my wifes bank account if my name isn't on her account?

If you reside in a community property state it can be seized. If you have deposited any of your money into the account it can be seized. The best thing to do is to have separate accounts.

How do you transfer money from one itunes account to another?

Best answer I've found is that you have to either buy a gift card, or gift individual songs to the other account.

I have 1000 crore cash what kind of bank account should i have to keep all the money?

If you were to have 1000 core cash it would be best to keep it in a savings account.

Which beak are best for spearing and chiseling?

Well I think it is the chisel bills or the spear bills KEY bills=beaks