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I guess some people could consider the book of Acts as a 'sequel' to the book of Luke, in a sense, outlining the life and ministry of Jesus and continuing with the formation and ministry of his early followers. (compare: Luke 1:3 + Acts 1:1).

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Q: Which bible book is the only sequel in the canon of scripture?
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10 What does setting the canon mean in regard to Scripture?

Setting the canon is the process by which each book in the bible was selected. A canon is a collection of works deemed authoritative and important. This means that books in the biblical canon are the most important surviving works on those subjects.

Who was blinded by a bird dropping in the Bible?

It's not in the Bible - it's in the Book of Tobit. It's in apocrypha, and not considered by Protestants to be part of the canon of Scripture. See the related link for more information.

Where is the halh way scripture in the Bible?

The half way in the bible is the book of Malachi.

What book in the bible is Judas maccabaeus found?

It depends on what you accept as the canon of Scripture. A typical Protestant canon does not include any mention of Judas Maccadaeus. Almost all of our information about this man comes from the books of the Maccabees (I believe it is split into 1st and 2nd Maccabees) and the writings of Josephus. It is a typical Protestant canon, the Apocrypha is not viewed as equal to the other works nor are they accepted as part of Scripture and so we do not find mention of him. If you want to read about him, find a Catholic Bible- or a study Bible with the inclusion of Apocryphal books.

Biblical meaning of the word Canon?

Canon comes from the Greek word kanon, meaning reed or measurement. A canonical book is one that measures up to the standard of Holy Scripture. The canon of Scripture refers to the books that are considered the authoritative Word of God.

Where do we find man's origin in scripture?

Book of Genesis-Bible.

What are the synonyms for the word bible?

The Good Book and Holy Scripture

Where can I find the Apocryphal Ascension of Isaiah in the Bible?

The book "Ascension of Isaiah" is one of the Pseudepigrapha, probably written in the first half of the 2nd century AD and compiled by an unknown Christian scholar. It's not in the Canon of Scripture, so you won't find it in your Bible.

What is a scriptural reference?

A scripture reference is the book, chapter and verse in the Bible. Example: John 3:16. 'John' is the specific book of The Bible. '3' is the chapter in the book. '16' is the verse in the chapter.

Jesus quotes a scripture that does not exist in canonized Bible?

I believe he quoted from the Book of Enoch, which is not in the KJV Bible. But was a relevant Book in Jesus' time.

What is another name for the bible besides the sacred scripture?

The holy book , or gospel.

Why are people against Mormons but for the Bible?

The "Book of Mormon" is not the Bible, and many Christians are opposed to the Book of Mormon being placed beside or ahead of the Bible. One of the "solas" of the Reformation is "Scripture Alone." The Reformation's teaching is that the scripture stands by itself as the only rule we have for faith and practice. The objection is the Book of Mormon being elevated to the status that belongs only to the Bible.