Which biome is home to the most species?


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The rainforest biome contains 50% of all the species in the world, making it the most diverse biome, and home to the greatest amount of species.

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The most diverse biome on Earth is the rainforest. The amazon biome is most diverse among all of the rainforests. New species continue to be found. Between 2010 and 2013 as many as 441 new species were found.

the tropical rain forest

The taiga is important because it is home to many species

which biome has the most differentvkinds of soecies and the total amount of living mattere

Probably the ocean biome, but the rain forest biome on land would have the highest species diversity.

tropical trainforest...over 15 million species of plants and animals live within this biome

The pink dolphin is one of the many endangered species in the ocean biome.

In Tropical rainforests because they have the most biodiversity than any other biome.

Yes a tropical rain forest biome is the home of thousands of species that are varied and diverse.

Depending on which species of penguin. The Emperor Penguin lives in the polar biome.

Your mother is the only kind of endangered spiecies in this biome.

On Earth there are many biomes, and all of them have biodiversity. However, the rainforest biome is the one with the highest species diversity.

The ocean biome. Or if you meant terrestrial biomes, then it's the rainforest.

Some Endangered Species in the Ocean Biome are the "Pink Dolphin", a "Seal", a "Whale" and a "Turtle" That Lives in Water.

Rainforests are the type of biome that has half of the worldâ??s species. They also produce nearly half of the worldâ??s oxygen.

Most lions prefer to live in the savanna.

If a species lives in only one particular salt marsh biome and the sea level rises to inundate that biome. all members of the species will die out.

A hummingbirds biome is in the rocky mountains of south america.

A continental biome is a biome located on land. A biome is a fairly large area of land or sea floor that has the same animal species, vegetation, and climate. An example of a continental biome would be the desert.

one endangered species is the red wolf

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