Which biome is the least biologically diverse?


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The least biologically diverse biome in the world is the tundra. The most biologically diverse biome in the world is the tropical rain forest.

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The most diverse biome on Earth is the rainforest. The amazon biome is most diverse among all of the rainforests. New species continue to be found. Between 2010 and 2013 as many as 441 new species were found.

The tropic's because you have a lot of plant life and animal life in many different varieties.

i read about this in class, marine because it take up 70% of the earth. It's not just diverse because it takes up that much space, it is because there are a lot of different species living amongst one another.

i dont know, it probably has 5 animals

The Tundra is the least common biome.

tundra is the least productive biome.

Yes a tropical rain forest biome is the home of thousands of species that are varied and diverse.

A desert receives the least precipitation of any biome.

The least diverse group of animals is Insects.

Tropical rain forests. (not counting marine biomes)

The rainforest biome contains 50% of all the species in the world, making it the most diverse biome, and home to the greatest amount of species.

the biome that has the least temperature is TUNDRA

The biome that gets the least amount of rainfall is the desert biome. Some parts of the desert get virtually no rain over the course of a year.

marine biome f*ck the person who put marine biome because that's b*llshit The most diverse biome is actually the wetlands but many still assert that it is the tropcial rain forest.

The Tundra has the least amount of biodiversity.

If you can consider space a biome, I imagine that would be the place with the least amount of animals.

Douglas D. Southgate has written: 'Efficient management of biologically diverse tropical forests'

The world's youngest biome is the Tundra from what i heard hope this helped at least a little :/

The freshwater biome covers only 0.8% of the total water on this Earth, yet the water which makes up this biome are distributed unevenly throughout the globe. As a result the climate of these Biomes is greatly diverse depending on the region.

There are eight biomes one is Marine biome, another one is Tropical Rainforest biome, there is also the Deciduous forest biome, then there is the Desert biome, plus the Taiga biome also known as Boreal forest, also the Tundra biome, then Grassland biome, last but not least there is Savanna biome.

Coral Reefs. For more info, look it up yourself. :D

An example that does not represent biodiversity is the moncrop system of the United States. A field planted in only corn is not a biologically diverse field.

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