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The branch of the military that has the most women members is the air force. This isÊfollowed by the navy and then the army.

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Which military branch has the most members?

U.S. Army

What military roles did women have in World War 2?

Most military women were nursing the injured. Some women cooked and washed for the soldiers.

What kind of military scholarships are available?

Most branches of the military will pay for your college education if you sign with them. This is only for undergraduate though.

Where can you become a military cadet?

Most military schools refer to their students as cadets. Attending one of them makes you a cadet. Military colleges (Texas A&M, VMI, Citadel, VPI) refer to members of the Corps as cadets. ROTC for the various branches may refer to their students as cadets or midshipmen (Navy).

How many members of Weight Watchers are women?

It's the most common in women.

What country has the most military branches?

Most likey USA. Marines, Army, Navy, Airforce, and Coast Guard.

Why weren't women allowed to join the military?

Women have been allowed to join the military in most countries for at least 50 years.

Did women make Spitfires?

Yes, most of the aircraft production workers were women as the men were in the military.

How did most military women serve in the Vietnam War?

As medical staff.

Are GI Joe's Army or marines?

Most GI Joes are Marines, but there are some others in the other branches of the Military.

Are the Navy Seals the most elite fighting force?

Yes, although they do have plenty of competition from other military branches.

Does every Israeli woman get military training?

No. Most Israeli Arab women are exempt from the military and a number of Orthodox Jewish religious women get exemptions as well. However, all women Secular Jews are drafted.

What other native languages are spoken in the UK?

The most numerous are Welsh and Gaelic, members of separate branches of the Celtic languages.

Were women in the army during world war 2?

300,000 women served in World War 2 in both the military, the Red Cross, the USO, and in civilian jobs. Most of them were in the military.

Can members of the U.S. military drink at 18?

Not in the U.S. Members of the military can drink at 18 on most overseas bases, depending on the local drinking age. The Marine Corp can drink at age 20 in Japan.

What Army branches get deployed the most?

The traditional shortage occupations - Motor Transport and Military Police. Going into either MOS in any component in a wartime military is a virtual guarantee of deployment.

Has the Air Force ever been defeated?

No. The Air Force is one of the most powerful military branch in the World. No other military branches has ever defeated the Air Force branch.

What branches of military were the presidents veterans of?

Most of them that had military service were in the army. Others were in the navy. George H. W. was a navy pilot at a time when the aif force was not a separate branch of the service.

How did most American military women serve in Vietnam?

As Nurses ~Novanet Follow me on instagram:Monkyee

Is females are also commissioned officers?

In most military forces women can be commissioned officers

Did women serve in the war with Vietnam?

Women volunteered for the military, and in most cases, volunteered for Vietnam; nearly all served as nurses.

Do enlisted men have to salute officers from other military branches?

There's a number of variable heres but in general - Yes, most military organizations require enlisted to salute as a statement of respect and courtesy.

Do men and women pray together in a synagogue?

In Orthodox and a few Conservative synagogues, no, men and women are separated. In most Conservative synagogues, as well as Reform, Reconstructionist, Humanist and Jewish Renewal synagogues, yes. All of the latter are classified as liberal branches of Judaism, and all of these branches also ordain women as rabbis.

Why did the women work during world war 2?

Because most of the men were in the military services

What role did women have in the military?

Most women wait for their loved ones to return home. They cook,clean,wash,and take care of their children.

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