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Which building is bigger the taj mahal or the Empire State Building?


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The Empire State Building is larger by far.

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yes the great pyramids are bigger than the empire state building.

the Chrysler Building is the 2nd to largest building in nyc. 1st is the empire state building.

The Empire State building has 1,860 steps The Empire State building has 1,860 steps The Empire State Building has !>*^) steps ( = 1,869)

There was a competition between the builders of the Chrysler building and the Empire State Building to who could build a taller building. The Empire State Building won.

It is called The Empire State Building because New York State's nickname is "The Empire State."

The empire state building is used for offices

In which borough is the Empire State Building ?

Yes it is, why? the height of Big Ben is 316 Foot and the Empire State Building is 1,454 Foot so the Empire State is really huge.

they empire state building is not the twin towers, the empire state building is the biggest building in new York. but not the twin towers. x

The Empire State Building was completed in 1931

Yes, there is a gallery in the Empire State Building

the empire state building is super stable:-)

Empire State Building was created in 1931.

The effiel tower us 2567 ft tall were as the empier state building is only 1056 ft tall.

The Empire State Building itself does not have a nickname. The name of the building was derived from the nickname of New York, which is "The Empire State."

The Empire State Building is an office building. It is not equipped or zoned for residential use.

is empire state building exist? what are the locations of which empire state building exist and the vivid discription

Many people work in the empire state building.

There are 102 storeys in the Empire State Building.

There are 73 elevators in the Empire State Building.

how many doors in the empire state building

No because of the Edges the Empire State Building Has.

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