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Which car is using first CRDI engine?

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Alfa romeo 146 year 1997

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The first car engine was built in the year 1926.

Karl Benz invented the first car engine and Nikolaus Otto is created the first non-steam powered engine in 1876

In 1876 Nikolaus August Otto built the first car engine which was powered by steam.

coasting is when you are driving a car with the engine on but you are not using the accelerator to propel the car

The oil filter is situated to the rear left hand side of the engine, when standing at the front of the car looking at the engine, its lower than the top of the engine ,so you may have to stand at the side of the vehicle and look down the back of the engine.. you cannot see it from underneath..

a 392z curve gahn engine

Rudolf Diesel invented the first diesel engine in 1893. The first car to offer a diesel engine was the Citroen Rosalie produced in 1933.

To help stop the car by using the braking power of the engine. To save your brake pads from wear.

the first person to create the first engine was aldolf hitler.

to move said car forward ...unless using other form of power.........

The first car was on diesel.

It was first used in the first car in 1807.

The Benz Patent Motor Car was the name of the first motor car. The engine of the car was developed by one Carl Benz.

If the engine is running it is using fuel.

so the car engine will perform using oil.

No, the first car Henry Ford build was the Quadricycle which had a 2 cylinder gasoline engine and was built in 1896-1901. He sold 3.

The car was just look like a cart packed with engine inside it.

That depends on the engine size.

You have to remove the engine first from the car. Place it on an engine stand and work your way on removing the cranksaft. No way to remove it while the engine is in the car.

No it won.t harm the engine the octane won't as great

In a car, to get it moving, chemical energy is converted into kinetic energy, using the internal combustion engine. To stop a car, kinetic energy is converted to heat in the brakes, by using friction.

The first practical automobile with an internal combustion engine was invented in 1886 by Karl Benz in Germany.

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