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carbohydrate found in potato tubers is starch.

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Q: Which carbohydrate molecule you sfound in potato tuber cells?
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What is the name of the energy molecule that cells need and use?

glucose or anyother carbohydrate

What organic molecules do potato cells have?

The large molecule found in potatoes is starch.

What molecule is the main source of energy for cells?


What type of molecule is used as a marker to help similar cell recognize each other?

A carbohydrate is used to help mark cells. This carbohydrate sequence is unique for those cells.

Which type of molecule is use as markers to help similar cells recognize each other?


Which type of molecule provides cells with energy - A. Carbohydrate B. Nucleic Acid C. Protein D. Water?

A) Carbs.

Do potato cells have catalase?

Yes, potato cells do have catalase.

Are the cells in a large potato larger than the cells in a small potato?

no. a large potato justhas a larger amount of cells.

Are potatoes unicellular or multicellular?

Yes. A potato plant is like any other flowering plant with many specialised cells. One cell organell (intra cellular body) which makes plant cells different from animal cells is the presence of chloroplasts the part of the cell which traps light and uses the energy to produce carbohydrates. In potato plants, the carbohydrate starch is stored in the tubers which we eat.

What type of carbon based molecule is the first to be broken by your cells to provide a source of energy?

Carbon-di-oxide is broken down in cells to form carbohydrates.

How do potato cells differ from onion cells?

No, Onion cells does not contain chloroplast

What is a compound made up of carbon hydrogen and oxygen atoms and is used by cells to store and release energy?

An example of this form of molecule is the monosaccharide glucose, which like all hexose monosaccharides has the formula C6H12O6. It is stored in plant cells as the polysaccharide starch, whereas in animal cells it is stored as glycogen.