Which caste does actor dhanush belong to?

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His father and mother belongs to Theni district in tamil nadu. They belongs to Paraiyar caste which comes under Scheduled caste in the place allikulam Theni district.
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Surname Chamarthi belongs to which caste?

Chamarthi is also the surname of the people of Kshatriya(Kings) /Raju Community in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. Mostly from regions around Tirupati,Kadapa. Chamarthi is the surname of Bramins, 6000 niyogi (AP) mainly from krishna, Guntur Dist.. some vysya people has also similar surname ch ( Full Answer )

What caste does Raju belong to?

Raju is a Telugu variation of the Sanskrit word Raj and Raja meaning King , Prince or Lord. Rajus (Rajulu in Telugu) is used to refer to a prominent and influential Telugu Kshatriya Caste in Andhra Pradesh . Kshatriya Rajus are said to be descende ( Full Answer )

Which caste does the surname Sharma belongs to?

Sharma is a surname found in the India and Nepal as a surname or given name among Brahmins. As a noun in Sanskrit, Sharma has various positive connotations, such as "bliss", "happiness", "shelter", "laid back" and "protection." An alternative English spelling of the name used in the city of Va ( Full Answer )

Mehra title belongs to which caste?

mehra caste belongs to jheer caste. the jheer caste are the original water drawers from the wells for all the families in India. any jheer caste interested in association please email me on rani_rani@hotmail.co.uk

Pinapala surname belongs to which caste?

Pinapala , pinapalasetty These surnames belongs to kapu/munnuru kapu /surya balija /settibalija communities they Of Andhra pradesh.

Which caste does Narain belong to in Hindu?

Firstly, before I answer your question, please do not confuse Caste with Spirituality, for there is no mention of caste systems in any Hindu Scripture. Caste is a political structure created by ancient Indian monarchs. I am a Theology Professor, with a specialty in Eastern Philosophy and Anthropolo ( Full Answer )

Which caste does surname karmakar belong to?

karmakar are sonar by caste. they basically deal in jewellery Karmakar (Bengali : কর্মকার) is a Bengali Hinducaste spread throughout West Bengaland Bangladesh. The Karmakars are traditionally blacksmiths brassmith,bellsmith,goldsmith etc.by trade. Whil ( Full Answer )

Which caste does kanojia belong to?

kanojia are rajputs, who were from ancient kanauj state. After Mughals Defetaed the Kanuaj Dynasty, they went to other states to escape and settled there.

What caste do Sainis belong to?

It is Rajput clan. Saini's are kashatriya's (warriors) higher caste and jatts are shudra low caste.

Which caste do Kushwaha belong to?

Kushwaha is Kshatriya Hindu caste of India ...they comes insuryavanshi Clans of the Rajput people . Suryavanshi. Bais Rajput · Bargujar · Bersal · Bhatia · Bachal · Bhutta· Chattar · Dogra · Gahlot · Ghorewaha · Gohil  ( Full Answer )

Which caste nigam surname belongs?

nigams are basically KAYASTHAS.the people who were related to reding vedas(nigamas).they fall in general category and are found in north india specially UP,DELHI,RAJASTHAN,PUNJAB,HARYANA.

Which caste does actor Surya belong to?

Actor Surya belongs to Kongu Vellala Gounder caste which isprominent in west Tamil Nadu; His birthplace Coimbatore is themajor city of the west Tamil Nadu. His caste's prominent occupation is agriculture.He is yadav too.

What caste does mahishya belongs to?

Good friend's and Historians such as Sir Jagabandhu Singh have referenced the Padma Purana and the Brahmavaibarta Purana and have come to the conclusion that Mahishyas and Kaivarttas (Kaibarttas) are the same caste. [2] In general terms, "the child born of a Kshatriya father and Vaishya mother i ( Full Answer )

What caste does kanojia belong to?

Kanojias are by and large kshatriya rajputs hailing from parts of rajasthan and madhya pradesh. it is a general caste

Which caste does chandna surname belong to?

yes, these are punjabies They are the native people of Dera Ismail Khan which is know in Pakistan. After 1930's, all the derawalis, especially hindu-punjaabis migrated to Delhi. Now a days you can see people of these castes generally located in Kurukshetra(Haryana),borders touching Punjab, Chandig ( Full Answer )

Which cast is mani belong to?

Mani comes under 'General' since it is a sub-cast of many communities in India. Mani means gem and it was usually awarded to the courtiers of different Kings.

Which caste do vishwakarma belong to?

Viswakarma is a caste of priests, engineers, architects, sculptors, temple builders and artists and includes the 5 artisan/artificier groups of Sculptors, Carpenters, Goldsmiths, Blacksmiths and Bronzesmiths. In ancient India they were the builders of Temples, Palaces, Forts, Houses, etc. They were ( Full Answer )

What cast does fernandez surname belong?

Fernandez,Fernando surnames are commonly used among Goan and Tamil Christians converted in 15th century.The caste of the people is kshatriya.In Tamil nadu,the Pandyan rulers and their subjects embraced Christianity to get Portuguese support during the war against Muslim sultanate.They are Chandravan ( Full Answer )

Which caste does actor vijay belongs to?

Vijay belongs to the Thakur caste. The latter also includes many people with the last name Singh. Thakurs are mainly in Goa, as well as across the state of Maharashtra. While once a dominant caste for Rajputs and Hindu royals, the Thakurs now mainly consist of lower and working castes.

Does bhatnagar's belong to general caste?

Yes, Bhatnagar belongs to General Caste. They are considered to bethe part of upper section in Hindu Caste system. Bhatnagars areKayasthas. As per the ancient texts Kayasthas have a dual castesystem, they are Brahmins as well as Kshatriyas.

Which caste maruthuvar community belongs?

Maruthuvar, Pandithar, Vaithiyar, Nasuvar, Pariyari or Parubagari who are known as Ambattan, meaning Am means five, Battan means title, Ambattan is a person with five distinctive or career titles, and their women is known as Maruthuvachi, meaning a 'doctor' nothing more. This was in a pre-colonial, ( Full Answer )

What caste of bisht belong to?

BISHT belongs to Rajput community of Uttrakhand, BISHT are royal caste of Kshatriya. They were also Raja's. Example : Raja Samar Singh Heet Bisht Raja Haru Singh Heet Bisht were famouns kings of Salt area Almora District.

Which caste does actress Jyothika belongs to?

Jyothika Sadanah was born to Chander Sadanah, a film producer, and Seema Sadanah into a Punjabi family. But after marrying actor Suriya she became a Hindu.

Is matharu cast belong to scheduled caste?

Matharu or Matharoo (ਮਠਾੜੂ in Gurmukhī script) is a prominent Sikh clan belonging to the Ramgarhia and Jatt tribe. Sir Denzil Ibbetson counted the Matharus as one of the major Tarkhan tribes of the Punjab and the Northwest Frontier Province, centred in Amritsar, Jalandh ( Full Answer )

Is bhatnagar caste belong to bhrahmin?

Bhatnagars are Kayasthas. As per the ancient texts Kayasthas have a dual caste system, they are Brahmins as well as Kshatriyas. Bhatnagars are mainly found in Northern India (Delhi, UP, Rajasthan and in parts of Haryana and Punjab.)

Which category belongs to kayasth caste?

In Bengal: In the time of Lakhsman Sen, he had to ban the then brambhins-Chatterjee, Banerjee, Bhattacharjee due to their ill tendency to take "Utkoch" from people for rising them from lower caste to higher caste. Then few brambhins came from Mithila with some servant-Ghosh, Bose, Mitra & Dutta. Th ( Full Answer )

Do jangra belongs to rajput cast?

actually they belong to Superior Brahmin caste similar in north india. They also known ans Khati/jangir/jangra and they are one of the most inteligent and hard working people. but there are people lives in Uthrakhand and Himachal pradesh are rajput khati/jangra. They used their surname as Sharma.

Who cast belong Suresh Raina?

Raina belongs to Kashmiri Pandit or Saraswat Brahmin.Even In kashmir there is a place Rainawari.Even some Kashmiri mulims still writes Raina.

What caste do Narang belong to?

If you trace the history of Narangs, you will be surprised to knowthey originally belonged to Chachar. Chachar are Jat clan found in Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan

Which caste does patnaik belong to?

Pattanayak or patnaik are the people who are engaged inadministration work in Rajatantra, they are karana/Niyogi Bramhinby castes similar to kayastha in bengal,up,andhrapradesh and bihar.

Which caste does Telugu actor prabhas belong?

Prabhas Varma or Prabhas Raju belongs to RAJU (Kshatriya) caste.His Uncle Krishnam Raju was former cabinet minister and Star Heroin Telugu film industry. His father Suryanarayana Raju was a Telugufilm Producer and Businessman. They belong to Royal family ofMogaltur (A princely State in British India ( Full Answer )

Which caste does actor sasikumar belong to?

he belongs to yadava ancient caste lord krishna also belongs tothat caste they are mostly vaishnavates and told themself asdescends of krishna

Which caste does Telugu actor uday kiran belong?

Telugu 6000 niyogi brahmin same caste as former president late Sarvepalli Radhakrisha, Prime minister of India late Dr P.V. Narasimha Rao, Prakasam Pantulu etc.

What caste people Thawait belong to?

They Belong to Chaurasiya Community .Which is Actually a BrahminCommunity in Northen India ,but divided in to various Sub Castes..(For Ref - See Wikepedia, Chaurasiya ) . Chaurasia is a Brahmin communityin India and Nepal. The name originated from ancient Indian Vedas which basically refers t ( Full Answer )

Is Rana belongs to lower caste?

Well, Rana belongs to Royal Family. They are of general caste in Hindu. If Rana is a Sikh or Muslim or Christian then I can't say. But I guess, a sikh rana is also of general category. Other religion might not follow caste system.

What caste does surname gudla belong?

This surname belongs to reddys (pokanati) and (gotharm-vindya mara)(there is a village name called gudlavaripalle located at kadapadistrict and in penagaluri mandal)

IS panag caste belong to jatt?

Yes Panag surename is belonged to jatt sikh caste and the bigexample of this cast is Late Capt. Kanwaljit Singh Panag Cabnetminister of punjab and Famous actress Gul Panag...

What actors and actresses appeared in Inspector Dhanush - 1991?

The cast of Inspector Dhanush - 1991 includes: Shamsuddin Jamuna Sadashiv Amrapurkar as Nageshwar Sangeeta Bijlani as Sangeeta Roopali Ganguly Jack Gaud Baby Guddu Amita Nangia Suresh Oberoi as Com. Avinash Mahavir Shah Karan Shah

Which caste does actor nagarjuna belongs to?

Castes are no longer recognized officially in India. Mr. Nagarjunabelongs to the group of people who speak Telugo, which is aDravidian linguistic group. The majority of Telugus reside in thestates of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Is actor vijay belongs to SC caste?

Why should an outdated cast system be applicable to a modern dayactor trying to make a living and what business of it yours.