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Balancing skills and some level of fitness.

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Q: Which characteristic is needed for a person riding a bike?
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What happens if you hit someone who is riding a bike?

The person who is riding the bike dies...if you hit him/her hard enough.

Why is balance needed in horse riding?

Riding a horse can be compared to riding a bike. if you do not have balance, you can throw the horse (or bike) off balance and/or slide off to one side.

Will insurance pay if someone else is riding your bike in Texas?

Your question is not entirely clear. Does the person who is riding your bike in Texas have your permission to ride the bike, or did this person steal it? If he did steal it, and you have theft insurance, you may make a claim. Did this person have an accident while riding your bike in Texas with your permission? If so, you would have to check the provisions of your policy to see if it covers other people than yourself who use your bike. Not all policies are the same.

How much CO2 can you save if you ride a bike?

Depends entirely on how much riding the person does, and what the person would have done otherwise. If the person is riding a bicylce instread of using an motorized vehicle, then some CO2 will be saved. If the person is riding instead of walking, then there's no difference.

If a person is riding a bike and has not changed either speed or direction is that person accelerating?

No. they must be increasing speed to accelerate.

Is riding a bike mechanical?

is a bike mechanical

How do you say riding a bike in German?

In German, you say "Fahrrad fahren" to mean riding a bike.

When might riding a bike have an advantage over flying in an airplane?

riding a bike can have an advantage over a plane because if you don't want to pay money than a bike is better and that riding a bike gives you cardio.

How many calories do you burn riding a bike for 12 miles in 55 minutes?

i believe the average for riding 12 mph in an hour is 550 calories but it depends on the person and type of riding

Do you get leaner muscle running or riding a bike?

on a bike

Is did the past tense of do?

Yes it is. I do like riding my bike. I did like riding my bike

Can chemical energy transform into mechanical energy after riding a bike?

Yes, chemical energy stored in the body from food can be used to generate mechanical energy while riding a bike. This energy helps muscles contract, enabling movement and propulsion of the bike.