William Shakespeare
The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice

Which characters in Othello make an issue of Othellos race?

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Iago, Brabantio and Roderigo. Nobody else seems to care. And probably Brabantio is the most intolerant--he will have Othello over to supper but he wouldn't want him to marry his daughter. Roderigo wouldn't care except that they are rivals for Desdemona and Roderigo will throw any dirt that might possibly stick at Othello. Iago's position is mysterious, but whatever his motive for disliking Othello (and who knows, race might be a part of that), he is sure prepared to make an issue of Othello's race around the racist Brabantio.

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he tell the duke that Othello force his daughter to Mary him and Othello use magic to get her.

Casio thinks of Iago as a very dear friend to Othello, but to Iago Casio was a toy to make Othello jealous. what they both have in common is that they both serve under Othello and are dear friends in battle to him.

If you mean Iago from Othello, he is the standard bearer of General Othello. Iago hates the general and plots to make Othello think his wife is having an affair.

Brabantio is a Venetian senator who is Desdemona's father. He becomes Othello's father-in-law when Desdemona elopes with Othello in the beginning of the play. Brabantio is very unhappy with their sudden marriage. He accuses Othello of performing witchcraft on his daughter to make her fall in love with her. Othello denies this. Brabantio warns Othello that if his daughter deceived him, she can deceive Othello as well. In Act V, it is discovered that Brabantio died broken-hearted as a result of Desdemona's marriage to Othello.

There once was a man named Othello Who in Venice seemed a very strange fellow He loved the Desdemona But Brabantio owned her wishing Othello to "hello"

In the Act III Scene III of Othello, Iago insinuates to Othello that Cassio is in possession of a special handkerchief owned by Desdemona. This is after Iago lied to Othello about Cassio professing his passions for Desdemona during his sleep. This infuriates Othello and make him believe that Desdemona has committed infidelity.

Othello is obsessed with Desdamona, making it easy for Iago to use him and make him believe anything. Iago is obsessed with his revenge for not being promoted. He wants to get revenge on Cassio and Othello for making him look like a fool.

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Iago is extremely jealous of both Cassio and Othello. His plan is to make Othello believe that Desdimonia has committed adultery with Cassio. That way, Cassio will be fired from his high military status and Othello will loose the love of his life (Desdimonia, his wife.)

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First of all, find out which of the numerous Othello movies you are talking about. Then watch it. Then buy a ticket to a theatre performance of the play. (If you are so unfortunate as to be unable to watch Othello on stage, you will have to read the script and imagine what it would look like if it were put on stage. If you cannot do that you are screwed) Make a list of the things that were different and the things that were the same between the two performances. There is a particularly fine movie of Othello made in 1922. It's silent. That would certainly be one big contrast if that happens to be the movie you are talking about.

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Iago wanted to make Othello jealous of Cassio. Had he simply said "Cassio is having an affair with your wife", Othello could have dismissed it as a lie or a mistake. But by saying "I'm sure there is nothing going on between Cassio and your wife" Iago gets Othello to suspect Desdemona and to build up his suspicions on his own.

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Roderigo wants Desdemona as his wife, which makes Othello his rival. It is natural for people to be hostile to their rivals in love. As for Brabantio, Othello is a parvenu, not an established member of the Venetian society. And he has married Brabantio's daughter without first discussing it with the father of the bride. In the society presented here, as in many nowadays, a father felt he had rights of ownership over his daughters, which would make Othello (like Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Lorenzo in Merchant of Venice) a thief.

Othello belongs to a racial minority (he is black). He marries a high-class girl from the other side of the tracks (Desdemona) and there is a lot of talk about it. Othello has a close friend who is out to get him (Iago). Iago manages to convince Othello that Desdemona is putting it about. Othello throws a cow and murders Desdemona. When Othello finds out he was wrong, he kills himself. Othello is a noble man from a line of royal men and ranks higher then Desdemona who comes from a trading family. He is the military leader of Venice. How racist can the Venetians be if they make the sole Black man their military leader? The supposedly racist remarks should be understood in a different light. The objections against him are the objections the rising middling classes had against the nobility. As the European nobility symbolised their superiority with images of Moors, Othello is a person as well as a symbol. The play voices mild attacks at the nobility, mocks their traditions, but is not revolutionary in nature. As a symbol, the Moor is superior and blameless, as a person he can have demerits. Compare Othello to Mr. Elton in Emma (1816) or Mr. Crawford in Mansfield Park, both by Jane Austen.

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Bianca has the handkerchief at the end of act three because Cassio wanted her to make a copy of it.

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