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Q: Which chemical reaction does the enthalpy diagram above represent?
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How do you know if an enthalpy change diagram is endothermic or exothermic?

If you plot the reaction coordinate (what I think you mean by "enthalpy change diagram"), the reaction will be exothermic if the products are lower on the graph than the reactants. If they are higher than it is endothermic. For instance, if you go to the linked Wikipedia page (link to the left of this answer), the graph shown is of an exothermic reaction.

What does the potential energy diagram of a chemical reaction tell you?

Whether the reaction is endothermic or exothermic

What does a reaction energy diagram represent?

A graph of Potential energy Vs time The changes in energy during a reaction <APEX>

What has the author D C Hickson written?

D C. Hickson has written: 'Pressure-Enthalpy diagram for refrigerant 12 (dichlorodifluoromethane CF2C12)' 'Enthalpy-entropy diagram for steam: SI [units]'

How the diagram you have drawn shows that no mass is lost during the reaction?

Calculating the mass of reactants and products in a chemical reaction is a sufficient demonstration.

A graph plotting the energy change of a system as a chemical reaction proceeds is called what?

Energy diagram.

What happens when the portion of a pressure-enthalpy diagram is beneath the saturation curve?


When the portion of a pressure enthalpy diagram is beneath the saturation curve then?

The refrigerant is at constant pressure

How do you draw enthalpy level diagrams?

its difficult to illustrate on this but basically the x axis is the progress of the reaction going from reactants to products the Y axis is the enthalpy, depending on whether it is an endothermic or expthermic reaction the chemicla reactants start at either high (for exothermic) or low (for endothermic). exothermic start high as you might say the reactants hold alot of energy hence why when the reaction takes place they release the energy. The fact that they release the energy means that when the reaction is finished the products will have lower enthalpy in an exothermic reaction as some energy is lost as heat along the waythe graph physically looks like this: but you need an understanding of it to draw your own

Which diagram or diagram represent a single element?


What is the pressure- enthalpy diagram for refregerant gases in refregeration industries?

mX+4# n4 k4u?

How does an enzyme catalyze a chemical reaction in regards to activation energy?

Any catalyst will make a chemical reaction easier or quicker to happen by lowering the activation energy. On a energy diagram, you will see a lower "hill" for activation energy, which corresponds to less energy required to begin the reaction.