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Q: Which city does Faber go to in Fahrenheit 451?
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In Fahrenheit 451 why does Faber go to St. Louis?

He goes to meet a retired printer.

When Montag left Faber's house which direction did he go in Fahrenheit 451?

Toward the train tracks

Fahrenheit 451 - When Montag left Faber's house which direction did he go?

Toward the train tracks

Why did Faber decide to go to St. Louis in Fahrenheit 451?

Faber goes to St. Louis to visit a retired printer and seek his help.

In Fahrenheit 451 where did montag go after he killed beatty?

Montag went to Faber's house after he killed Captain Beatty. He changed his clothes and talked to Faber. Then he went to the river.

What happens at the end of Fahrenheit 451?

At the end of Fahrenheit 451 the war has started and a bomb destroys the city. Faber and the "book people" are possibly the only survivors. Guy meets up with the book people and sets off with them. --------- What happens at the end of Fahrenheit 451 is that the city is bombed because of the war. A new better human civilization is to be made and there is hope that a better era will arise. ---------- Montag meets a man named Granger with some other people he had with him and they go toguether to a new city far from the one they used to live in

In Fahrenheit 451 The sieve and the sand why did Montag go to see Faber?

Montag goes to see Faber because he finds himself wanting books and all the information contained by books. He recalls the day in the park when he first met Faber. Montag knows Faber is a retired English teacher and needs to confide in Faber and seek his help.

In the book Fahrenheit 451 who is faber?

Faber is an old retired professor Montag met in a park a year prior to the time the story takes place. Montag seeks Faber out for help with understanding what he reads. Faber is a cowardly man who is afraid to go outside and do anything about the society they're living in. Faber agrees to help Montag and to help him understand how things got to be so bad in their society.

What happens when the jets go overhead in Fahrenheit 451?


In the book Fahrenheit 451 what are the two symbols of firemen?

A salamander and 451. A salamander is the animal they go by, and 451 is the degrees that the books burn at.

In Fahrenheit 451 why does montag go to see farber?

he wants to understand what he is reading in the bible.

What do firefighter do in the world of Fahrenheit 451?

they go to places where people are hiding books and burn them down :)

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