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Q: Which classes are better college prepatory or honors?
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Does it look better to get a B in an AP-GT course or an A in an Honors course?

It is better to get a B in an AP class then an A in an Honors class, just as it is better to get a B in an Honors class then an A in a College Prep class. When colleges look at your application, they want to know that you are challenging yourself and taking hard classes, because they are essentially looking to see how well you will do in their school. AP classes are considered to be tougher then Honors classes, because AP classes are introductory college classes that are taken during high school- that's why some colleges give credit for a high enough AP test score. However, Honors classes are really just advanced high school classes. Grade reviews done for college entrance are done in an 'over-all' manner. The amount of honors classes taken will be noted and average GPA. Other classes will be looked at, and also that GPA. Individual classes are very seldom picked out to review grades, unless you are seeking to enter a very specialized field, and have taken many college prep classes in that area as honors classes. Most high schools do not offer enough 'specialized' prep classes for specific college interest.

Is accelerated classes the same as ap or honors?

Generally speaking, 'accelerated' classes are in fact the same as 'A.P.' (that is, advanced placement) or 'Honors' classes. While some differences in specialized contexts might be found, the increasingly common use of 'accelerated' in today's educational settings is not typically intended to have a new meaning but, instead, to serve as a more inclusive and otherwise acceptable label for such 'advanced/honors' classes.

How does honor classes help in high school?

Honors classes do more than just prepare you for college, they show that you have what it takes to be successful. The attachment of "Honors" to a class usually denotes that it is a more advanced class for a select number of students. These classes usually involve more work, but they also pay off with a greater understanding of the topic as well as a notch on the transcript. Even students who do not usually consider themselves the "Honors" students can benefit from one of these classes. They can help you by improving your study skills as well as helping you becoming more self reliant. Colleges also look at these classes to see whether a student has challenged him or herself throughout their high school career. In all, honors classes can do a lot to help you in high school.

Is it better to attend Albany's Honors College or Syracuse University?

Syracuse University? Stay away from Albany, and stay away from the honors college. A huge disconnect between its faculty and students, not to mention its a ton of extra work for no real benefit. You will be taking classes not related to your major, and that employers wont necessarily care about (like a "honors" acting class).

What is Honors College?

It's an entirely separate program (extra units, extra difficult classes); not as easy as latin honors (cum laude, etc.).

What are ap classes?

AP (Advance Placement) classes are classes that are for a higher level in a way than honors. It is a class that gives you a prep for college courses. If you even pass the AP test you receive college credits.

What are honors classes?

Honors classes are advanced courses offered in high schools and colleges that go into greater depth and complexity than standard classes. These classes often require more challenging coursework, critical thinking skills, and independent learning. Students who excel in honors classes may receive weighted grades to reflect the higher level of difficulty.

3.8 GPA 31 on act 8 honors classes went to a prestigious hs a lot of ec's especially volunteer and will be in rotc program in college would i get into berkely or ucla also a Connecticut resident?

I need to no more but they want ap classes not honors classes unless your school only offers honors . Based on your resume you look like a good cantidate

Should I do AP/Honor or IB classes?

AP and Honors classes would be a great idea. Not only do they allow you to have a GPA above 4.0, they also work towards expensive college credit when you decide to go to college.

Is honor society or honor roll better?

Honors society means you are taking harder classes. Honor roll is getting better grades.

How will it effect my son's chances of getting into a good college if he starts high school with just two honors classes and the rest regular classes to see how he does?

It shouldn't hurt him. He is taking some honors classes, which will help him a bit. My advice is for him to sign up for more next year if he thinks he could handle more.

What are AP art classes?

Advanced/ Honors art classes