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Q: Which climate zone is often defined as one where precipitation is less than evaporation?
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Which climate is most often found in a interior region where it receives very little precipitation?


Which climate is most often found in a land-locked interior region where it receives very little precipitation?


How does global warming cause overall precipitation to become heavier?

the planet is hotter causing evaporation to happen faster/more often causing more rain.

What is the name of the process of liquid water changing into water vapor due to heating?

Vaporization in mass, evaporation at the surface

Is there any precipitation after tornadoes?

Often there is, though there is more often precipitation before a tornado. Whether or not their is depends on the structure of the storm system that produced the tornado.

How much precipitation is produced in a considerable tornado?

Tornadoes do not produce precipitation. Tornadoes are usually often accompanied by precipitation, but the amount is not related to the strength of the tornado.

How does temperature affect precipitation?

Precipitation does not directly affect the temperature. However, because there are often clouds that come with precipitation, this indirectly causes a drop in temperature.

What does it mean chance of precipitation?

Chance of precipitation means changes of rain. Precipitation is basically rain. This term is often used in hydrology and in weather updates etc.

What is the description of a humid subtropical climate?

The climate of a humid subtropical climate is 'humid and subtropical'. Summers are very warm/hot and humid, and winters are generally short and mild. There is quite a bit of precipitation in a humid subtropical climate.

What is the climate of Iqaluit?

It has artic climate and often smells

What is the precipitation in a tornado?

Tornadoes themselves do not produce precipitation, but the storms that produce them usually do. Tornadoes are often accompanied by rain and hail.

What can be the reason why the edges of the leaves often have water droplets?