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Q: Which college teams are called the Mustangs?
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What are the sports teams of New Mexico?

There is no professional teams but college teams are New Mexico State Aggies, New Mexico Lobos, and Western New Mexico Mustangs.

What is the mascot for oakton community college?

Sports teams from Oakton Community College are called the 'Raiders'.

What is a Williams College ephs?

Pronounced "Eefs," this title is short for Ephraim Williams, whose will and determination led to the founding of the college. Varsity teams at Williams are referred to as Ephs and on occasion men's teams are called Ephmen and women's teams are called Ephwomen.

What is a herd of wild horses called?

American wild horses are generally called mustangs.

Why are many high school and college sports teams called the Spartans?

. name after

What professional sports teams are in New Mexico?

College- New Mexico Lobos, New Mexico State Aggies, Western New Mexico Mustangs. Leagues- New Mexico Scorpions.

What kind of habitat do mustangs live in?

Mustangs live in large grassy areas called grasslands.

How many college football teams are there.?

There are approximately 119 College Football teams.

Team name of Boston College?

They don't have one it's just Boston College. The Boston College athletic teams are called the Eagles.

How college basketball teams in 1939?

How many college basketball teams played in 1939

Names of college basketball teams? ... It's a list of all College Teams of all divisions

What are Wisconsin's professional sports teams?

Green Bay Packers - NFLMilwaukee Brewers - MLBMilwaukee Bucks - NBAMilwaukee Mustangs - AFL