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any one


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Q: Which comes first anyone or any one?
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What is the difference between anyone and any one?

Does ANYONE have a knife I can borrow. ANY ONE of those knives can be used

Is anyone a compound word?

Anyone is a compound word, consisting of "any" and "one".

Can anyone get a talent agent?

yes and no, you have to first find one, (but be careful because you don't know who to trust when it comes to those kinds of things), and then audition, the agent would decie from there

What is the diference between anyone and any one?

"anyone" refers to a person and is a noun. Anyone can use a pencil. In the phrase, "any one," "any" is an adjective and "one" may be a noun or adjective. "One" can refer to all nouns. This phrase also requires clarification of the subject, so a noun or a preposition must follow it. Can you get me any one of the pencils? Any one pencil will be fine.

Does anyone have any NFLrushzone codes?


Which one comes first boat or box?

box comes first because it has less letters than boat

Who pay tax anyone who has job or anyone who purchase items?

Any one who purchase items....

How does the first amendment protect the right of religion?

by not allowing congress or the government prohibit anyone in the united states to from practicing any religion one pleases.

Were there any closeted gay rock and roll singers in 1950s America?

Little Richard is the first one that comes to mind and there had to of been others.

When twins are born who is the elder one?

The one that is birthed first; in other words, the one that comes out of the mother first.

Has Jeremy shum kissed anyone before?

no i will be the first one.

Which one comes first mitosis or cytokinesis?