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Community colleges does indeed offer EMT classes, for example Central Piedmont Community College, Front Range Community College or Glendale Community College.

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Q: Which community college offers EMT class?
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Where can I take EMT classes?

Because I'm familiar with the outstanding and accredited community college in my area, I would seek EMT class information there. I believe that it offers many certifications and degrees that deal with careers as a EMT and similar other careers.

Are there any emt courses available at Owens Community College in Ohio?

Yes this college actually offers the complete EMT certification. Just go to their link and type in EMT in the search and you will get some information on that. Also you can go to college catalog for more information about EMT classes. Yes, Owens Community College offers four different emergency medical technician certifications (first responder, basic, intermediate and paramedic). The certification descriptions are available in the college catalog available on the school's website (

What are some places I can go to, to learn to become an EMT?

The best way is to enroll in an EMT class at technical colleges, trade schools, community colleges, and some universities, but probably the cheapest is a community college.

I would like to become aen emt/paramedic. I live in the Salisbury, NC area. Where is a school close enough for me to attend?

Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury offers EMT classes.

i have a high school diploma and want to attend EMT school. in Philadelphia,pa. 19149 area code?

Delaware County Community College in your area offers EMT training. Visit

live in bayonne were can I go for EMT class?

You can call LaGuardia Community College Paramedic ( 718-482-5768 or try calling the City of Bayonne Fire Department. They have EMT's on staff and they could recommend where you could get certified as an EMT.

how do i find emt's looking for work?

Check with the local school that provide emt training, like the community college.

Is it possible to get a job as EMT in Hawaii with EMT licensure of an online course (Not Kapiolani Community College)?

Yes it is possible

What is the cost for an emt class?

Emt classes costs vary from state to state. Community colleges and technical colleges like Devry and CDI college have prices in the range of $3000 to $5000 per course for one semester.

How do you become a peramedic?

You become an EMT and work your way up. An EMT course at a community college is about 6 mos. After 2000 hrs as an EMT, you are certified as a paramedic.

Is emt training available in my state?

Yes, contact your local community college.

How do i get my emt certification?

You can get your emt certification at Another good way to get the certification is through