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Nintendo made the first Nintendo Ds!


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Nintendo DS is owned by the Nintendo company.

the first ds ever made was a nintendo ds lite

Animal Crossing: Wild World was one of the main first games made by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS that was new in 2005. The Nintendo company made the game along with others when the DS first came out.

The Ds ixl is made from Nintendo Company which is located in Japan.

nintendo is the company but the maker was Masato Kuwahara from Tokyo and the first DS lite was released in Japan

The creator of Nintendo DS Lite is the company Nintendo.

The Nintendo DS was made in Japan.

Nintendo of Japan made the Nintendo DS. -1UPMushr00m

The Nintendo ds was made is 2004 based on an idea in 1982.

in 1989No, it was made in november 2004This Answer Was By: LysBlingChing

Nintendo makes the Wii and DS. No offence, but it does say on the product and packaging box Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

you probably would have to send your Nintendo ds lite to Nintendo company t fix it.

The Nintendo DS. It is slighty larger and fatter than the Nintendo DS Lite. Please see related link for the "Nintendo DS" picture. It was just called the Nintendo DS.

No, as of February 2014, the Nintendo 2DS is the latest DS to be made

Nintendo the ones who made the wii and the ds,ds lite,dsi,dsi XL and 3ds.

The Nintendo Company in Japan.

The first Nintendo DS came out on the 21st of November 2004.

Nintendo Corporation! Nintendo Corporation!

Yes. All versions of the Nintendo DS have Wi-Fi.

All Nintendo DS consoles have built in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You only have to pay for what your internet company charges you.

Nintendogs is first game of Nintendo DS and first it was sale with Nintendo DS. So its invented in 2005.

"Nintendo DS Lite"s do not have their own games. DS Lites play Regular DS games. The first DS game was known as Electroplankton

No The First Nintendo DS has a much bigger battery size.

There is no such thing as a game made specifically for the DS lite. So there are no 'DS lite' games.

Im sure that Nintendo dsi's were made in japan

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