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Q: Which company makes Kenmore sewing machine?
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Who makes Kenmore sewing machines for sears?

Janome makes the the current Kenmore sewing machines.

Who made the Kenmore Model 385.12102 sewing machine?

singer That isn't correct. Kenmore machines with the 385. prefex were made by Janome who still makes the kenmore sewing machines today. The 148 prefex machines were made by White.

What can a sewing machine do that a tailor cannot?

A sewing machine quickly makes interlocking stitches.

What do you call a machine that makes clothes?

what you call a machine that makes clothes is a sewing machine.

What company makes Kenmore Elite 97109 range?


Who offers the best quality sewing machines?

Singer makes high quality sewing machines. They are a well-known company founded in 1851. They are responsible for the first electric machine and zig-zag machine.

What company makes Kenmore gas furnaces?

ICP is the company, and it is the same as the Heil furnace with the Kenmore name on it.

What company makes Kenmore hot water heaters for Sears?

AO Smith makes Kenmore water heaters.

What impact does the sewing machine have on the society today?

It makes our clothes and so without the sewing machine we would be still at the basics.

Does Singer make good sewing machines for embroidery?

Sewing makes excellent sewing machine for embroidery and general sewing projects.

What company makes Kenmore top freezer refrigerators?

who manufactures kenmore top freezer refrigerators

What is the sewing machine used for?

a sewing machine is used to sew clothes more easily than using your hands in sewing clothes. sewing machine is machine that makes the sewing more efficient and convenient. you're using your feet and hands to make sewing more faster and much better. the sewed part is more stronger and neat to see.

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