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The processor. More correctly, the CPU (Central Processing Unit). It's almost always located underneath a vaned metal block known as a heatsink, generally near the top and to the aft of the case. Components used primarily processing: * Processor or CPU (Cental Processing Unit), the computer's most important chip * Chipset that supports the processor by controlling many motherboard activities

2008-01-26 03:38:43
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Q: Which component on the motherboard is used primarily for processing?
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Which component on a motherboard is used primarily for processing?

The prossessor.

Which component of the motherboard is used primarily for processing?


Which component in the motherboard is used primarily for processing?

The CPU, or "Cental Processing Unit"

Which component on the motherboard is used primarly for processing?


Which component on the motherboards is used primarily for processing?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Term used to describe a component on a motherboard?


Which electronic component used in assembling a motherboard?

Many. The questions first word "which" implies that a single component would be a correct answer but there are thousands of components and dozens of component types on a computer motherboard.

What is a motherboard used for?

that is the main circuit board inside a computer. Every other component is connected to the motherboard in order to work.

What is the component used to control the speed of a computer?

it is the central processing unit

What is the function of a motherboard heat sink?

a heat sink is a passive heat exchanger component that cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding air. In computers, heat sinks are used to cool central processing units or graphics processors.

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What is the main bus on the motherboard?

The main bus on the motherboard is the control bus. The control bus is used by the Central Processing Unit to monitor and direct the actions of the other functional areas of the computer.

Which unity of measurement is used to indicate the hard drive speed?

a technician look at the motherboard and sees 24-pin connector. what component would connect to the motherboard through the use of this 24-pin connector

What hardware component stores programs and data that are currently being used by the CPU?


Why do machines get heated when run continuously?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) creates heat as electricity is used in processing data. The longer the processing takes place, the more heat is created. Heat-sinks and fans are used to cool the CPU and motherboard, so avoiding, as much as possible, overheating and components burning out.

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What is the role of copper in a mobile phone?

copper is used in many ways, primarily for making electrical connections between all the electrical components and the motherboard

What Memory on the motherboard used by the CPU to process data?

sure; CPU used to memory for processing data. it use mother board cache memory and it also use ram memory.

What mineral is in the motherboard of most computers?

Silicon is the best known, which is used primarily in the CPU. Copper is another important one, since it is used to carry almost all electric impulses.

What are the components of a contemporary computer system?

A personal computer is comprised of core hardware and software components. The "brain" of the computer is the central processing unit, or CPU. The CPU will be located on component panel known as the motherboard. The motherboard will also hold slots for the computers RAM (memory) modules. Other hardware may include graphical processing unit (GPU) and sound cards. A hard disk is used for data and operating system storage. The computer will be electrified by a power supply unit. These core components comprise a contemporary personal computer.

What is the expansion for the acronym PCI X?

PCI X stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Extended. It is used for expansion of 32 bit PCI bus slots. The slots are used to enhance the capabilities of the motherboard.

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T5600 Motherboard

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