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Which composers wrote the verismo style?

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Verismo (meaning "realism", from Italian vero, meaning "true") was a post-Romantic operatic tradition. Italian composers like Pietro Mascagni, Ruggero Leoncavallo, Umberto Giordano, Francesco Cilea andGiacomo Puccini composed in this style. Italian singers in this genre included sopranos Eugenia Burzio, Rosina Storchio and Adelaide Saraceni, the tenors Aureliano Pertile, Cesar Vezzani and Amadeo Bassi, and baritones Mario Sammarco and Eugenio Giraldoni.

Experimental composers wrote music for traditional instruments but used them in unusual ways.

Verismo is a form of opera associated with the Italian composers Ruggero Leoncavallo, Pietro Mascagni, and Umberto Giordano.

His style was Finnish. He and many other Romantic composers wrote nationalistic pieces about their countries.

Verdi composed verismo opera.

It is a style of 19th century opera with rustic characters and a melodramatic plot.

Composers that wrote cello concertos are Brahms and Antonin Dvolaks. Both are great composers of there time. There music is a great contribution to the art.

Many composers wrote marches. John Philip Sousa is probably the most famous for his marches; he was called the "March King."

There are thousands of composers. One of the earliest was Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii, who wrote Aloha Oe.

Countless composers wrote oratorio's. Probably the most famous is the Messiah by Handel.

Lots of marches - lots of composers.

american popular music composers of the 20s and 30s

Opera? There is a genre of opera called verismo, but all the word means is realism.

Some of the composers who wrote for the clarinet include Mozart, Debussy, Schumann, Brahms, Poulenc and Saent-Saens.

There are many composers for different cello pieces.

bach, beetoven, haydn, and mozart, and vivaldi

Shakespeare wrote in the conventional but controversial style of ironic pedometer

Well, to be brutally honest, there aren't any famous composers, i.e. any composers that wrote anything well-known, from Australia. None of the composers that have their own category on WikiAnswers are Australian, and there are so many Australian composers I couldn't possibly give you a list of all of them.

The Gavotte is a type of musical dance. There were many composers during the Baroque period and beyond that wrote gavottes.

they wrote their music for themselves. they wrote about their countries challenges politics and history.

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