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Q: Which continent is the only continent with no people except researchers?
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What continent is the only continent with no people except researchers?

There are no such continent. People have been encrowding Antartica for tourism and the viewing of wildlife.

What is the population of antatica?

there is no population in Antarctica. there are some researchers who research some stuff. but otherwise it is the only Continent that has no permanent residence

Are there cabins in Antarctica?

No, except for research huts that are only occupied during the summer season when they are accessible. Only researchers and their support teams are allowed to use these huts.

Where is the only continent where you can't find spiders?

Spiders are native to all continents except Antarctica.

Are turtles found on every continent except antarctica?

Turtles definatly arn't on every continent expecualy antarctica. Most turtles can only survive in warm climates.

What continent do foxes live?

Foxes are found on all continents except Antarctica.

What continent has the least average number of people?

Antarctica has no people. Australia has the lowest population of a populated continent with only about 25 million.

What kind of people live in Antarctica?

No, But reaserchers come there, or tourists to see the mountains and views. It is an amazing place.No, they only go to research. But children aren't allowed to go there.

Which continent is crossed by both the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn?

There is no complete continent between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.But parts of every continent are in there, except for only Europe and Antarctica.

What continent is the scientific research stations in?

There are scientific research stations on every continent. On the Antarctic continent, however, these stations are the only form of community and are the locations where people live when they work on the continent -- in pursuit of science.

Which continent has only one country on it?

The only continent to contain only one country is Australia, which is both the country and the continent. Antarctica is only a continent, but does not contain any country.

Which continent is the only one without tornadoes?

Tornadoes have been observed and documented on every continent except Antarctica.Since tornadoes require thunderstorms and the conditions in Antarctica pretty much prevent that there is little chance of a tornado in Antarctica.