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In all EU countries if a work permit is allowed (after application). As Bulgaria is not in Schengen, can;t have a permenant job (without having allowed by the respective country)

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Q: Which countries Bulgarians can work in EU?
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Can you use a Bulgarian visa to travel across the EU countries?

As Bulgaria is a member of EU, Bulgarians freely move and pass though EU countries

What are the advantages of living in the European union?

the following points are advantages for living in the EU * the countries in the EU work together. * there are no wars between the EU countries. * all EU countries aggred to a set of rules for shops.

How is the EU useful to use?

The EU allows natives from the involved countries to work in the other involved countries. The EU also manages the Euro, allowing the involved countries to work on regional issues, rather than their economy (not including the UK (The United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) which uses the British Pound). The EU also creates a mutual bond between the collection of countries part of the EU, so that if war were to break out, all those countries in the EU would be automatically in alliance.

Freedom of movement for eu citizens?

Being able to travel around the European Union countries without having border checks at the borders between countries. It also makes it easier for people to work in different European Union countries, if they are living in one of them.

Who many countries are in the EU?

There are 27 EU countries.

Which Asian countries are part of the EU?

There are no Asian countries in the EU.

List of visa free countries to Bulgaria?

list of visa free countries for bulgarians

Do EU plugs work in America?

No. There are in fact more than one type of plug that works in EU countries. Those used in Britain and Ireland are different than those in other countries of the European Union. However, you can get converters to enable plugs from different parts of the EU to work in America.

How does creation of an EU trading block unite Europe?

It doesn't unite Europe, but it does enable countries that are members of the EU to work closely together. They can trade easier with each other and have more trading power when trading with countries outside the EU. There is much more co-operation and countries have to maintain standards in order for it all to work, so that helps them work more closely with each other.

Who joined the EU in 2013?

Actually, it was in 2004. The following countries joined the EU.CyprusCzech RepublicHungaryEstoniaLatviaLithuaniaMaltaPolandSloveniaSlovakia

Can a non-EU citizen travel to EU countries with a Swiss residence permit?

"Can a non-EU citizen travel to any EU countries with any EU country residence permit?'' Anyone with a Swiss residence permit can travel freely throughout the Schengen Area, which is most, but not all, of the EU. You may only travel as a tourist, if you want to live permanently or work in another country and are not an EU citizen then you will need a permit from that country.

Is the membership in the EU static or is the group of countries increasing?

the membership in the EU is increasing as the numbers of countries within the EU have gone from 1 to 27