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Greenland is mostly covered by an ice sheet.

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i believe greenland.

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Q: Which countries are covered in ice all year?
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What ocean that is ice covered all year?


Was the entire earth covered in ice during the ice age?

It was not exactly covered in all ice, parts we covered in snow and the whole earth was not all land, parts were water

What ocean is covered by ice most of the year?


Is Greenland always covered by ice?

Most of Greenland is covered by a continental glacier, so it is permanently under ice. The remainder of Greenland is only snow-covered during parts of the year.

Was there an ice age that covered all of your world?

Yes there was an ice age that coverd all of the wold.

Why is Greenland names Greenland when it is covered in ice?

because when it has no ice its all green

Which areas of Greenland are covered in ice?

All of it is ice covered except for the coast, in general, and especially the coast on the southeast and southwest sides.

Why is Antarctica snow covered throughout the year?

Antarctica is covered by an ice sheet -- about 90% of the world's ice. There is very little snow: it's too cold and dry.

What countries were covered in ice in the ice age?

The countries most affected during the last glaciation were those countries which still experience snow and ice during the winter. That is most of the North American continent, most of Europe and Scandinavia, Russia, northern China and Japan.

Is Antarctica all iced?

About 98% of the continent is covered with ice.

What type of land is found in the polar region?

The south pole in Antarctica is heavily covered in glaciers, so all you have is ice. The north pole in the Arctic sea is also covered with ice for part of the year, but the ice melts in the warmer seasons. Greenland, which is also close to the pole, remains glaciated although there is melting taking place.

How much of antarctica surface is covered in ice?

Approximately 98% of Antarctica's surface is covered in ice.