Which countries are in the axis of evil?

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"Axis of evil" is a term initially used by the former United States President George W. Bush in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002 and often repeated throughout the rest of his stay in office, in order to describe governments that he accused of helping terrorismand seeking weapons of mass destruction. President Bush named Iran, Iraq and North Korea. President Bush's presidency was marked by this notion as a justification for the War on Terror." -Wikipedia
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What countries were in the Axis and who were their leaders?

The three main Axis powers were: . Germany: Der Fuhrer(Leader) Adolf Hitler. . Italy: Il Duce(Leader) Benito Mussolini. . Japan: Prime Minister Tojo Hideki. They promised to fight against communism and never interfere with each other's foreign takeovers. Answer The Axis were a group of coun ( Full Answer )

What did the Axis countries have in common?

What the Axis Had in Common . Italy, Germany and Japan all felt that all other countries/nationalities were inferior to them.. They were intensely anti-Communist.

How were the Allied countries different from the Axis countries?

Some differences between the Allies and the Axis countries . The Allies were democracies and only went to war reluctantly. (Many say that they waited too long).\n. \nThe Axis countries were dictatorships and fought a war of aggression.

Who made up the Axis of Evil?

President Bush called North Korea, Iran, and Iraq the "Axis ofEvil" in the War on Terrorism.

What countries were in the axis powers?

Germany, Italy and Japan were the main three. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Thailand were minor axis powers. Finland fought with the axis against the U.S.S.R. but wasn't a member.

What countries comprised the axis of evil in World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nGermany, Italy and Japan.\n. \n Axis Powers vs Axis of Evil \nAlthough the Axis Powers of World War 2 may have been evil, the term "axis of evil" was first used by President Bush in 2002 refering to North Korea, Iran, Iraq, al-Qaeda, and Hezbollah.

Why was Italy an axis country?

Axis powers comprised the countries that were opposed to the Allies during WW2. The three major Axis powers; Germany, Italy & Japan were part of a military alliance on the signing of the Tripartite Pact in September 1940, which officially founded the Axis powers. . The Tripartite Pact: The three na ( Full Answer )

Allied and axis countries?

Allies: U.S.A. Great Britain Australia NZ South Africa (English colony) Free French U.S.S.R. China India (British Colony) Axis: Germany Japan Italy (before it surrendered) Austria There were also under ground militia units that fought against the axis in their country. Answer: Allied cou ( Full Answer )

Which countries formed the Axis?

Prior to WWII, it was Germany, Italy and Japan. I know other countries became allies of these three, but officially the Tri-Part Axis was the official treaty.

Why were axis countries called such?

On October 25th, 1936, Germany and Italy signed a Treaty of Friendship to establish closer national ties between the two nations. Italy, previously opposed to Nazi Germany, was receiving opposition in the form of economic sanctions via the League of Nations regarding its war in Abyssinia, which Ital ( Full Answer )

What were the political policies of the axis countries?

The political policies of the Axis countries were those ofconquerors. They felt that the countries they were invading androbbing were filled with people who were unequal, and the peoplewere treated horribly. Many atrocities were committed includingrape and mass murder.

What is the Axis countries?

Well in ww2 the axis countries were Germany, Japan, and Italy. But Nazi Germany did invade Italy later on in the war By, Husky Pratt

What countries constituted the axis and the allies?

The Allies consisted of the United Kingdom, France, the United States, the Soviet Union, China, Poland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway and others. The Axis consisted of Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Which countries were Axis Powers?

The countries of Germany, Italy and Japan made up the Axis Powersof World War II. The Axis Powers were enemies with Allied Forces,which included the United States and several other Europeancountries.

When did the axis countries join up?

In 1936 Germany and Japan signed the Anti-Comintern Pact, and Italyjoined the year after. In 1940 the three countries signed theTripartite Pact, officially making the three formal allies.

Was Ethiopia an Allied or Axis country?

In the 1930s Ethiopia, then Abyssinia was invaded by Italy, which was part of the Axis. Therefore by definition Ethiopia was Allied.

What were the country allied and axis powers?

Allies=the US, the UK, France, China, and the soviet union Axis Powers= Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Italy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> plz recommend both me and the question...plz..its just two clicks n u can make my life better...:'-l >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Is Israel an evil country?

This is necessarily a contentious question since people typicallyhave strong feelings about Israel and the definition of the word"evil" is nebulous. This answer is split between those who say thatIsrael is a "good" or "neutral" country and those who believe it tobe "evil". Israel is Not Evil Answe ( Full Answer )

Which countries were known as the Axis Powers?

Answer: the three main Axis powers were Germany, Japan, and Italy. Minor powers were Hungary, Romania (which started out as pro-British but became isolated and pro-German and pro-fascist elements grew), and Bulgaria. Finland, Iraq, and Thailand were technically not part of the Axis, however they wer ( Full Answer )

What countries were axis in the Vietnam war?

US/allied enemies were: 1. WWI-Central Powers 2. WWII-Axis 3. Korea-Chicom & North Koreans (Chicom=Chinese Communists) 4. Vietnam-NVA & VC (North Viet Army & Viet Cong (guerrillas) Axis goes to the WWII group.

What countries were on the axis and what countries were on the allies?

The USA (1943-1945) and Soviet Union (1941-1945) were on the allies. But it was a world war because technically when France and England were in the War so were they're colonies which was about half the world at the time. Axis was Germany, Italy (1940-1943). Hetalia might help you in history. ( Full Answer )

What are the 3 axis of evil during WW ll?

Germany, Italy and Japan. The leader of Germany was Adolf Hitler, the leader for Italy was Benito Mussolini and the leader of Japan was Hirohito.

What is the best country to be in axis and allies?

Most players choose US it gives them a chance to choose their ownfights, and what they want to go heavy on whether it's land, sea,or air. However, some people also love to play Japan saying itrequires the least skill to play.

Who were the countries that opposed the axis powers?

The Allied Forces (quite a lot of countries): Great Britain France USA Soviet Union China Canada Poland Denmark Australia New Zealand India Czechoslovakia South Africa Belgium Norway Plus more In total, there were 51 countries.

What are the countries joined in axis power?

The countrys that joined the axis powers were Italy and Japan. Russia and Hitler made an agreement not to attack eachother but when hitler broke that promise Russia sided with the allies.

What is the definition for axis countries?

There is no diffinitive answer of what 'axis' means however Mussolini once said that Italy and Germany would make an axis which all European States would revolve round.

Why did the axis of evil start the war of World War 2?

I have included some other questions that have your answers. In short, the Japanese wanted to protect themselves from the US Navy when they went after the Dutch East Indies and they wanted to rule the Asian world. Hitler and the Nazis wanted the European nations to rule and to get their resources to ( Full Answer )

What countries were considered the AXIS?

1 Germany.2 Japan.3 Italy.Is a leader and other are 1 Thai.(My homeland)2 Austria.3 Romania.4 Hungary.5Bulgaria.6Vichy France.(Puppet state of Nazi) 7Iraq(No Al-Quaeda)8Finland.And other Axis minor country.9Yugoslavia.10San Marino.11India.12Burma.13Slovakia.14Denmark(Being occupied by nazi)Serbia (N ( Full Answer )

What is the most evil country?

I'm not sure what the most evil or baddest country is but I do know that Germany is one, Italy is one, and Japan is one.

What are Axis countries mean?

The Axis powers were the countries which fought the Allies in World War II For a list, see the link below

Who was the weakest country out of the axis power?

Of the "big three", the weakest was pretty clearly Italy. If you want to expand it to all the countries fighting on the Axis side (not all of whom signed the Tripartite Pact and thus were officially part of the "Axis"), then it becomes a much tougher call. For example, there was San Marino, a countr ( Full Answer )

Were countries forced to join the axis?

No Italy and japan joined the axis because they wouldnt to be allied with germany, other countries such as slovakia and croatia becomed puppet states for the axis because they were conquerd by germans

What are some examples of Axis countries?

a group of countries that opposed the Alliedpowers in World War II, including Germany,Italy, and Japan as well as Bulgaria, Hungary,.

What did Bush mean when he referred to terrorist regimes as an axis of evil?

George W. Bush referred to the terrorist regimes as "axis of evil"because he believed the countries coordinated efforts to provideand seek weapons of mass destruction to attack the United Statesand its allies. The term was initially used during the January 29,2002 State of the Union address.

What countries were Allies and Axis in the Holocaust?

Allies: U.S., Great Britain, and the Soviet Union are the most recognized "Allies" (before 1941, Great Britain, France, and Poland) Axis: Germany, Italy, and Japan. ____________ The question confuses the Holocaust with World War 2. See the related question.

Which countries are on the Axis of Evil?

George Bush, Age: 66 - North Korea - Iran - Iraq Condoleezza Rice, Age: 58 - Zimbabwe - Myanmar - Belarus John Bolton, Age: 64 - Syria - Libya - Cuba Matt Garnett, Age: 13 - Belarus - Armenia - North Korea

What countries formed the Allies and Axis?

The Allies was comprised of the US, Great Britain, France, theSoviet Union, China, and various other countries. The Axis wasformed by Germany, Italy, and Japan.

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