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Which countries have hosted the Olympics in south America?


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The first time a South American city will host the Olympics is 2016 in Rio de Janerio Brazil.

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South America, Africa and Antarctica.

I'm pretty sure there is not snow in South America unless you go the the Andys.

There are countries that in the Continent of North America that are in the Olympics, just as countries from the continents of South America, Europe, Asia and Australia are in the Olympics. North America is a Continent with many countries in it.

As of the 2008 Games, that would be Africa, South America, and Antarctica. Rio de Janeiro has been selected to host the 2016 Summer Games. That will be the first Olympics held in South America.NOTE: Continents do not host the games; countries host the games!

South Korea hosted the Olympics in 1988.

Athens, Greece, hosted the 1896 Summer Olympics, which was the first official olympic games. Paris, France, hosted the 1924 Summer Olympics. Berlin, Germany, hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics. Rome, Italy, hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics. Tokyo, Japan, hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics. Montreal, Canada, hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics. Seoul, South Korea, hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics. Barcelona, Spain, hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics. Atlanta, United States, hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics. Beijing, China, hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Africa, South America and Antarctica have yet to host an Olympic Games (up to 2012). The 2016 Olympic Games will be held in South America.

Never. Whenever the Olympics have been held in the western hemisphere, it has always been either one or the other.

The only competing continent that has not hosted a Summer Olympics Games is Africa. There have been Olympics held in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia. There was also no African city that had hosted the FIFA World Cup until 2010, so a future African venue for the Olympics is not impossible. The only continent not represented in the Olympics is Antarctica, which has only scientists as permanent residents, and is by treaty an international scientific preserve.

South Korea has not hosted the Winter Olympics. Seoul did host the 1988 Summer Olympics.

The country that hosted the olympics in 1988 was seoul,south korea

The 2018 Winter Olympics will be hosted in PyeonChang South Korea.

It never has. Summer of 2016 will be the first Olympics for all of South America.

31964 Tokyo, Japan1988 Seoul, South Korea2008 Beijing, China

Summer Olympics were in 1988 in South Korea. There were no Olympics in 1987.

Seoul, South Korea hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics.

The 2018 Winter Olympics is taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Only two countries have jointly hosted the world cup. They are Japan and South korea.

Most places have never hosted the Olympic Games, but perhaps the most important are the whole of Africa and the whole of South America.

13 countries are in south America

It was hosted between the 17 September to 2 October 1988 in Seoul, South Korea.

Countries in Asia have hosted the Olympics a number of times and will so again in the future:China 2008, 2022(*)Japan 1940(**), 1964, 1972, 1998, 2020(*)South Korea 1988, 2018(*)Notes:(*) Future proposed dates.(**) The 1940 Summer Olympics was to be hosted in Tokyo, Japan but was canceled due to the outbreak of World War II.For details, see the full list.

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