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Which countries were New Zealand's allies during World War 2?

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Britan was one of New Zealand's allies in World War 2.

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Britain, USA and Canada were the main allies.

Germany's allies during World War 1 were Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire.

The major Allies during World War I were France, Britain, Russia, and Italy. As the war dragged on, other countries joined the Allies.

England, France, Russia, China as well as other countries were included in the Allied Powers during WW2.

Britain, France, Poland, etc. (during world war 2)

U.S, Russia, great Britain, France, serbia, were some if the allies powers during ww1

Our principal allies were the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. However, there were certainly others.

The Axis powers were the countries that were allies of Nazi Germany.

Austrio-Hungary and Italy were allies of Germany during World War I.

Russia, Britain and France were the Allies in World War 1.

All countries that were part of the Allies were an all of the U.S.

WWII was between the "Allies" (the side which won) and the "Axis" (the side which lost). Germany was a member of the Axis NOT the Allies.

When it comes to poltics and countries, there are no allies. Only people/countries of interest. It's a nasty world out there.

the allies of Germany were Italy and Japan, England were U.s.a, England and russia

Poland, France, Holland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Norway .

New Zealand has many allies that stand with them during times of war. These allies include the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada, and many other NATO countries throughout the world.

Several European countries joined the Western Allies at different times during World War 2. In total 19 European countries joined the Allies from 1939 to 1945. The very first European countries to join the Allies and which were the original Allies were Poland, United Kingdom and France. The alliances between these three original allies pre-date WWII. After WWII other countries joined the Allies: Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands (these four countries joined as "governments in exile"), Greece, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. Later on during the war other European countries joined the Western Allied Forces: Italy, Democratic Federal Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, San Marino, Albania, Hungary and Finland which was the last European country to join the Allies during the war in 1945 as co-belligerent.The USA joined the Western Allies in 1941 after the attack to Pearl Harbour.

During World War II the primary enemies of the Allies (of which we were a part) were Japan and Germany. There were also other minor Axis countries which were part of the war.

The US didn't join in World War Two until the end, and as such no countries where it's allies, instead the US was the ally of Britain, France and the rest of the countries that had been in the war since the start. A Complete list of Allies can be found at.

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