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France and the US
USA and France

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George Washington was not involved with the Louisiana Purchase.

Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, James Madison, France and United states

He was involved with the sale of the Louisiana Purchase.

No ambassador was involved. It was Sec. Of State Madison who lead the purchase.

The United States of America and France.

France and the United States. The United States bought Louisiana from France.

Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon.T Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the President when the Louisiana Purchase transaction was negotiated. The people who actually signed the Purchase Treaty were James Monroe, Robert Livingston, and Barbe Marbois.

how much land was involved with the Louisiana Purchase

Robert Livingston, James Monroe, and Barbé Marbois

The Louisiana PurchaseThe United States acquired Louisiana from the French in 1803 in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase. George Washington

Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, James Monroe, and Napoleon Bonaparte

The two main people were Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonaparte.

There is no sales tax involved in transferring a car. However, If you purchase it in Louisiana, you have to pay their sales tax.

They were involved in the Louisiana Territory, but not its actual purchase. After Thomas Jefferson bought the territory from Napoleon, he sent Lewis & Clark out on an information-gathering mission to the Louisiana and Oregon Territories to, among other things, collect statistical and scientific information, map the area, claim the land for the US, and interact with Native American tribes.

The Louisiana Purchase costed $50,000,000.

The Louisiana purchase wasn't a period of time... it didin't have hardships. it was when we bought the Louisiana Territory from the French after Napolien took over thus giving us control of the port city New Orleans and doubling the countries size.

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