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Great Britan in 1840

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Q: Which country had the first postage stamps?
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Does Norway use postage stamps?

Yes, every country uses postage stamps.

Did they have postage stamps in 1787?

No, they did not exist then. Great Britain introduced the first postage stamps in 1840.

Can you use English stamps in Spain?

No. When mailing items you use the stamps of the country of origin.

Which country does not have its name printed on the postal stamp?

Great Britain does not print their name on their postage stamps. The name of the country is not mentioned because United Kingdom was the first country in the world to start postage stamps. However, all of the postage stamps have at minimum a silhouette of the current Queen (or King).

Can you use us postage to mail from italy?

No, you have to use stamps from the country of origin of the mail. In this case you will have to use Italian postage stamps.

What do british postage stamps not have on them that all other countries stamps do?

The country of origin.

When were postage stamps first used?

Great Britain issues stamps without a country name. Being the first country to issue stamps, it didn't need one. Since then, all of their stamps have shown a picture of the ruling monarch on them.

Why are Tonga postage stamps oval shaped?

Tonga is a country that specializes in making money by creating unusual postage stamps to spur interest in the collecting community. They were one of the first countries to have self adhesive stamps. In addition to ovals, they had banana and shell shaped stamps.

What was the cost of postage stamps in 1992?

First ounce for First Class Postage was .29

Where were stamps first use?

England as the first to use postage stamps, starting in 1840.

How much were stamps from Germany in 1801?

There were no stamps in 1801. The first postage stamps were issued in Great Britain in 1840. It was several years after that that German issued postage stamps.

What European country is known for its beautiful postage stamps?