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South America: Bolivia, Suriname, Guyana.

Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea, Central African Republic, Mauritius, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia, Senegal, Togo, Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Eritrea, Zambia, South Africa & Mali.

Europe: Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Tajikstan & Portugal

Islands: Sao Tome & Principe, Vanuatu, Seychelles, St. Kitts, & Nevis, Comoros, & Prince Edward Island

North America: Saskatchewan, Alberta

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The answer is Wexford, Wexford has a purple and yellow flag.

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Red and yellow only: China, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia and Vietnam

Reg and yellow with another color symbol: Montenegro and Spain

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Q: Which country has a yellow and red flag?
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What country's flag is red with five yellow stars?

China's flag is red with five yellow stars.

What country has red yellow and green stripes?

Lithuanian flag has yellow, green and red horizontal stripes.

What country does the blue yellow red and white flag represent?

Several countries have a blue, yellow, red, and white flag:KiribatiCape VerdeMalaysiaPhilippinesSerbiaSloveniaTuvaluIn addition, the Buddhist flag is blue, yellow, red, and white.

Which country's flag displays the colour yellow green and red?


Is there a country flag that is purple?

A country whose flag has the colours green, white and red

What country has a red flag with a yellow circle in the middle?

Brazil has a green flag with a blue circle inside a yellow diamond.

What country does the blue yellow red and blue flag represent?


What country has only a red blue and yellow flag?

Colombia-South America

What country has a grey red yellow flag?

It is the flag of Wallonia region of Belgium, which in broadest terms are the 5 southern, French-speaking provinces of Belgium.

What do the colors on the Benin flag mean?

Benin's flag is blocks of green, red, and yellow. Green recalls hope and revival, red the courage of ancestors and yellow is a reminder to preserve the country's wealth.

What do the colours in the Macedonian flag represent?

Flag is Red background with yellow sun. Red means bloodshed from Macedonians protecting their country throughout the centuries, Yellow Sun means "New Sun on Liberty"

What country has a green and yellow flag with a red star in the middle?

French Guiana