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You can pursue the degree, however you still have to find an institution of interest to you, and find out what their entrance requirements are, and if you will be required to complete any prerequisite course work.

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This may depend on where you plan to reside. Each country may have differences in what they recognize. The MBBS is not recognized in the US. The MD is recognized but in order to become a physician in the US, you must pass both an English and medical proficiency test. Then it is most typical that you would take a residency at an accredited teaching hospital.

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Pharm d

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Q: Which course is equivalent to MBBS?
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Is Russian mbbs valid in India?

No it is not valid. Study MBBS in Belize. You can earn more after you have completed your MBBS course. And one more good things is you can finish MBBS course in 4 years there in Belize.

What would be MBBS course fees of studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students?

Look, Different Medical Universities in foreign countries have a different MBBS course fees structure. So no one can specify exact amount.

Can anyone do mbbs if they are bad at mathematics?

yea ! of-course they can do

Is MBBS course offered in cambridge university london?

As there is no Cambridge university in London then there is no such course.

How do you get admission in b.j.medical college pune for mbbs course?

Admission in b.j. medical college pune for mbbs course is got by answering the all India cet exam and getting into the merit list.

How do i get admission to an MBBS course in Bangladesh?

You could apply through online or contact with an agency.

Is pharm.d equivalent to mbbs in pakistan?

Diploma in pharmacy is different from Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery.

What is the difference between MBBS and BDS?

MBBS is the degree given to the graduate in Medicine , BDS is the degree given to graduate in dentistry -which is the branch of Medicine. MBBS graduate can study BDS for 2 years, to get training in Dental surgery. Both these degrees are in Allopathy system of medicine, the basic subjects are the same. BDS and MBBS are equivalent.

Can a 40 years old person WITH BSc degree can do mbbs degree?

of course there is no upper age limit

What is the duration of MBBS course for China students?

Anyone can study MBBS or Clinical Medicine course in China. In China there is two type of Medicine course one is Clinical Medicine in Chinese Language programme which is cheaper than Clinical Medicine in English Language which is equivalent to MBBS course. If anyone wants to study MBBS in China he or she has to have successfully completed 12th class or other equivalent diploma in Science subjects and minimum requirements for the students should have 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Math & Biology. For scholarship he or she has to study in Chinese medium and he or she has to pass in HSK examination or he or she has to study Chinese Language programme for 1 or 1.5 years. For more information about the MBBS in China search the questions "Difference Between Clinical Medicine & MBBS", "In China is there any MBBS" in Wikianswers.

What is the toughest course between mbbs and engineering in book of world record?

are you fu cking stupid there is no book of world record for toughest course you scallywag

What is MBBS expansion?

expansion of MBBS