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Q: Which describes the process by which sediment drops and comes to rest?
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What is the word that describes the process by which sediment drops out of water?

the answer is deposition

What agent of erosion creates delta?

There isn't really an erosional process. Instead there is a depositional process; as the river meets the sea it slows down which means that it drops most of its sediment and spread out.

What is it called when a sediment drops to the bottom of the sea?


During a flood a river drops the largest pieces of its sediment on the floodplain close to its normal channel but why?

When a stream floods, it deposits much of the sediment that it carries onto its floodplain

Are there any drops in disneys test track?

No. The thrill comes from speed rather than drops.

When is the most sediment deposited along the river?

After a heavy rain, or in the spring when the snow melts.

What describes what often happens to self-esteem during adolescence?

it usually drops

Which describes what often happens to self esteem during adolescence?

it usually drops

What is the deposition of sediment?

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Why do depositions have layered look?

If you are trying to cheat please do not, but if you aren't here it is. Deposition occurs when wind, water, or ice drops sediment and rocks in a new location.sediment usually drops in forms of weight differences the sediment that weighs more will go down first and the lightest goes down last. As a result, that is what forms a layered look

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What is the process that produces drops of water?

I think it's condensation