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Insp (The Inspiration Channel) is on Dish Network channel 259 and is included in several packages including Dish Family and above.

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Q: Which dish tv package is insp in?
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You want to change your dish tv package from platinum to silver through net?

Yes, I Want to change My Dish TV Package Platinum to Silver.

Who has HDNet on their tv package?

It comes with Dish Network

What does a satellite Internet package from DISH Network typically cost?

The satellite Internet package from DISH Network varies in price depending on the data package.The prices range from $39.99 to $69.99, including DISH TV.

Is fuel tv on Top 200 channels in Dish network?

Fuel TV is not available on the Top 200. You can currently find it on the Top 120+ package, the Top 250 package, and in the Multi-Sport package.

Does Dish Network offer any sports packages?

Yes, Dish Network does offer a sports package. The package has a variety of networks such as MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL RedZone, Neo Cricket, and Outdoor Channel.

How much is a Dish Network dish...not the package and stuff the dish...?

It depends on what type of Dish you need. Different Satellite TV dishes are used depending on what programming you have and where you live. You can get free standard installation with some Dish TV promotions, but if you want to purchase just a "Dish" you could try an online auction site.

What channel is cbssn for Dish TV?

CBS Sports Network is on channel 158 with Dish. It is available with our Top 200 and above programming package, Dish America Silver and above, and Dish Family programming packages. Thanks.

Can't get 166 103 168 dish network?

Channel 166 (CMT) , 168 (Spike TV) , and 103 (shows what Free Dish preview channels are on for the month) are all in Dish Networks america's 120 package and above. If you subscribe to these Dish TV channels and are not receiving them, call Dish Network and they will help you out.

Would the cheapest Dish Network package be a good idea for an office break room?

I think a Dish Network package in the break room at work may increase break times and reduce production times. When you are at work, you are there to work not watch television.

Does Direct TV or Dish Network offer the least expensive satellite tv package?

This changes from time to time. However, currently, the absolute cheapest stripped-down package I can find at the moment is offered by DirecTV.

How many channels are available with the lowest priced Dish Network television service package?

Over 55 channles are available with the lowest price of @19.99 per month with DISH network.

How much do you pay for cartoon network channel in dish?

The Cartoon Network is in Dish TV America's Top 120 package. The current promotional cost is $24.99/mo for twelve months. This price is only available with certain Dish promotions which end July 31, 2012. For more information, call 1-888-2 DISH TV. Certain restrictions do apply for the current Dish TV promotions.