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In both Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

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Declaration of independence

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The "Declaration of Independence" #T-Howe

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Q: Which document is based directly on john Locke's ideas?
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What is the difference between thomas hobbes and john lockes ideas?

It was how he farted a lot

How does lockes ideas of government effect us today?

well locke believed that people were good and they are!

How do john lockes ideas help explain why the colonists looked to their legislatures for leadership instead of to the colonies governor?


What are 2 to 3 of lockes ideas in reference to life and the government?

He had 3 beliefs about rights people. They are life, liberty, and the right to own property.

What did lockes ideas suggest about people?

john Locke's philosophy suggested that people have natural rights that operate independently of government laws or fiats.

How might john lockes ideas about natural rights lead to revolution?

Dude does ur mother know

What ideas did the framers of the Declaration of Independence express in the document?

The answer is yes.

What kind of political ideas are expressed in the document of 1789?

The political ideas that are expressed in the document of 1780 is that the french declaration on the rights of man preached a doctrine of egalitarianism amongst all citizens.

What type Of ideas or not stated directly but I understood by the audience?

The implied ideas are ones that are hinted at or suggested indirectly through the context or details provided, rather than being explicitly stated. These ideas rely on the reader or listener to make connections and draw conclusions based on the information presented.

The document explaining the ideas of the Constitution and urging its ratification is?

The federalist papers

Document explaining the ideas of the Constitution and urging its ratification is the?

The federalist papers

Which ideas correctly paired with a document that support it?

Capitalism--Wealth of Nations