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The Declaration of Sentiments (also known as the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments) was a document written in 1848 that proposed the rights of women.

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Which document was written in 1848 and oulines the proposed rights of women?

The Declaration of Sentiments for the rights of women was written in 1848. It was drafted by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and introduced at the first woman's rights convention.

What is the document that outlines the position of the united nations on human rights?

the magna carta

What is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a document that is much like the Declaration of Independence in that it outlines the Rights and Freedoms of peoples.

What is a written document?

Its a important document that is written. They are usually about rights of people like the Bill of Rights. Lots of colonists wrote the written document. You can see lots of documents in history museum these days.

What has the author Ann M Smith written?

Ann M. Smith has written: 'Your legal rights' -- subject(s): Outlines, syllabi, Civil rights, Law

What document represented to the English nobility a written guarantee of the traditional rights and privileges they had always enjoyed?

The Magna Carta was the document that represented a written guarantee of the rights and privileges.

What does it mean when something is unconstituitonal?

our society & system of law is based on a document wriiten by the founders of our nation, the U.S. constitution...this document outlines certain rights granted to us by the law..if something is unconstitutional, it means it goes against the constitution & violates our civil rights..

How did they define the constitution?

A written document stating rights and laws

What document was written during the glorious revolution?

The English Bill of Rights

What is the definition of an industry charter?

It is a document, issued by a sovereign or state that outlines the conditions under which a corporation or other corporate body is organized. Additionally it defines its rights and privileges.

The document Parliament drew up that limited the rights of the king?

The English Bill of Rights is the document that was written by Parliament that limited the power of the King. It was ratified on December 16, 1689.

Who drafted the list of proposed constitution amendments that became the Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights and constitution amendments were written by James Madison. They were written and created on September 25, 1789.

What does the Constitution do for us?

The Constitution outlines what the Federal government is allowed to do. It also outlines our rights as American citizens in the first ten amendments which is also known as the Bill Of Rights.

Represented to the English nobility a written guarantee of the traditional rights and privileges they had always enjoyed?

The Magna Carta was the document that represented a written guarantee of the rights and privileges.

What was the U.S. Constitution about back when it was written?

the constitution is a document stating our freedom,and rights

What document was designed to prevent the abuse of power by the English monarchs?

The document that was designed to prevent abuse of power was called the English Bill of Rights. The English Bill of Rights was written by Parliament in 1689.

What is the US Constitution's Bill of Rights?

The US Constitution's Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to the Constitution that outlines the protections of the US states and the US population as a whole. James Madison created the Bill of Rights and it persuaded the Constitutional Convention to ratify this document that specifies the rights of the people and the duties of the federal government.

What document was the Bill of Rights based off of?

the document that was related to the bill of rights

What has the author Forrest Cool written?

Forrest Cool has written: 'Community property and water rights in California' -- subject(s): Community property, Water rights 'Torts' -- subject(s): Examinations, questions, Outlines, syllabi, Torts 'Evidence'

What month was the bill of rights written?

The Bill of Rights was written primarily by James Madison. He introduced some of these ideas in June of 1789, and by September of that year, the document was approved by Congress.

What document was written to try to prevent events like the holocaust worldwide?

the declaration of human rights.

The bill of rights was proposed after the constitution was written in order to?

TO help ratify the Constitution in the states where strong government was feared .

What document written in 1689 outlined the powers of englands new constitutional monarchy and listed the rights of the English citizens?

English Bill of Rights

Why many Anti-Federalists finally agreed to the ratification of the US Constitution?

When the Constitution was proposed, there were no provisions in it for protecting the rights of the citizens. When supporters of the Constitution agreed to the addition of the Bill of Rights to the document, most opposition ended.

How many amendments proposed but never ratified?

In order to help the new US Constitution, the Federalist, James Madison, agreed to install the Bill of Rights in this governing document in order to have it ratified. Madison set to work on a Bill of Rights that were needed to be included in the proposed constitution. He recommended twelve of them, however, only ten were passed.