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Juan Ponce de Leon landed in Florida on April 2, 1513. As he continued sailing, he found the Bahama Channel. The Bahama Channel was important because it provided a new route from the West Indies to Spain.

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Was Juan Ponce de Leon known for any discoveries?

He named Florida, from the Spanish Pascua florida, "flowery Easter." While voyaging southward he encountered the strong current of the Gulf Stream as it poured through a channel. He had discovered the Bahama Channel, which later became the route of the treasure ships on their return voyage to Spain.

Where is the Old Bahama Channel?

The Old Bahama Channel is a deep-water passage between the island of Cuba and the Great Bahamas Bank.

Who was Christopher Columbus-?

Christopher Columbus was an explorer who discovered the Bahama islands.

What channel is located between the Bahamas and cuba?

Old Bahama Channel

How many miles from Florida to grand bahama island?

It is 58 Nautical Miles from the tip of Grand Bahama Island to West Palm Beach, Florida.

Where is the Grand Bahama Island located?

"The Grand Bahama Island is located approximately 90 km (56 mi) west of Florida, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most northern of the Bahama Islands."

What is Juan Ponce de Leon famous for?

Juan Ponce de Leon (1460-1521)He was famous for his search for the fabled "Fountain of Youth" near Bimini and for his discovery of Florida (which he named for the Easter feast of flowers). He also discovered the Bahama Channel, which provided a shorter route between Cuba and Europe.

What are some companies that will do Florida to Bahama cruise?

Florida to Bahama cruises are one of the most popular cruises in the US. Some companies that offer these cruises are Carnival, Celebration Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean.

To which country does Grand Bahama Island belong?

Grand Bahama Island belongs to the country of The Bahamas or formal title Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Grand Bahama has a population of 56,000 and is only 56 miles from Florida.

What is the largest body east of Florida that is an extension of the Atlantic Ocean?

The largest body of water East of Florida is the Gulf of Florida. It is also known as the Straits of Bahama or the Straits of Florida.

How far is Miami Florida from the Grand Bahama Islands?

about 10 meters or 10 and a half

Name the island group southeast of Florida that is a popular tourist attraction?

Bahama Islands

What groups of people made up the Loyalist migration and where did they settle?

from east Florida to the bahama islands

Where in the Bahamas is Grand Bahama located?

Grand Bahama is the northernmost island of the Bahamas island chain. It is approximately fifty-six miles off of the coast of Florida and its easiest access point is in Freeport Harbor.

What body of water lies between grand bahama and bimini?

northwest providence channel

What bahamian island is closer to the us?

Grand Bahama is the closest to the coast of Florida. Need a private jet there?

What is the distance between Miami and bahama?

The flight distance from Miami, Florida to Bahamas is: 283 miles / 456 km

What nicknames does Sigurdur Bahama Magnusson go by?

Sigurdur Bahama Magnusson goes by Siggi Bahama.

What has the author Bernard Romans written?

Bernard Romans has written: 'The complete pilot for the Gulf passage, or, Directions for sailing through the Gulf of Florida, named also New Bahama Channel, and the neighbouring parts' -- subject(s): Early works to 1800, Pilot guides

What is grand Bahama famous for?

what is Grand Bahama known for

Is Bahama in Central America?

yes bahama is in central America

When was Bahama Crisis created?

Bahama Crisis was created in 1982.

Island near Florida?

There are several islands in the Caribbean Sea which are near Florida. One of the closest islands is Cuba, which is 94 miles away from the Florida Keys. Other islands include Puerto Rico and Grand Bahama Island.

What are animals of the Bahamas?

Animals of the Bahamas include the Bahama Yellowthroat, the Bahama Swallow, the Bahama lizard-cuckoo, Bahama warbler, Bahama boa, green anole lizard, Bahama lesser funnel eared bat, the flathead frog, and tarantulas.

How far is Bahama Bay resort from Disney World?

Bahama Bay Resort and Spa, in Orlando, Florida, is a popular lodging and staging point for visitors and tourists going to Walt Disney World. By most accounts, Bahama Bay is approximately 12 k or 7.5 miles from the park, and Avalon Road is generally believed to be the fastest route between the two.

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