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Q: Which element had the largest atom potassium or argon?
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Which element has the largest atom Helium or argon?

Argon has a higher mass number which means it has more particles in its nucleus than helium so I would go with argon.

Is argon an atom?

Yes. Because argon is an element the smallest "piece" of it is referred to as an atom.

What is e major atom in potassium?

Potassium is an element, so the only atom in potassium is potassium.

What element has 18 neutrons in its atom?


How many electrons are in potassium?

Potassium is a metal element. There are 19 electrons in a single atom.

What particle has the same electron configuration as a potassium ion?

argon atom

What element is in potassium oxide K2O?

2 atom potassium and 1 atom oxygen

Is argon atomic?

Yes. Because argon is an element the smallest "piece" of it is referred to as an atom.

Which one has the largest atom helium or argon?

Niether. In 2015, the largest known atom belonged to ununoctium.

How many protons are in an atom with an atomic number of eighteen?

the atom you are referring to, is actually the element Argon. An element is a substance that is just made up of one kind of atom. In this case, the atom you are talking about (Argon), has 18 protons.

What natural element has the largest atom?

The largest atom of a chemical element is the francium atom - the greatest atomic radius.

An atom of argon rarely bonds to an atom of another element because an argon atom has?

An atom of argon has a completely filled outer shell. If you know about bonding, you will get what I mean. The argon atom does not want to give or receive or give electrons because it is already as stable as possible.

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