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Arsenic is a semi-metal.

The other two are a metal and a nonmetal respectively.

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Is xenon a semimetal?

No, it is a nonmetal

Is Xenon a element or mixture?

Xenon is an element.

Is xenon a synthetic element?

Xenon is a natural chemical element.

Is Xenon element 54?

Yes - Xenon is element 54

Is xenon a element or compound?

xenon is an inert gas element

What is the symbol of the element xenon?

The chemical symbol for the element Xenon is Xe.

Is xenon an element or a compound or a mixture?

Xenon is an element because it is on the periodic table.

Is xenon a transition element?

No, xenon (Xe) is not a transition element. It is a group 18 element or noble gas.

What is the salaries for Xenon?

Xenon is a chemical element and it is not paid for that.

What are the salaries for Xenon?

Xenon is a chemical element and it is not paid for that.

What is xenon made for?

Xenon is a naturally occurring element.

How many protons are in the element xenon?

54 protons in the element Xenon. Xenon has an atomic number of 54 and since the atomic number= number of protons there are 54 protons in xenon.

Is xenon an element with a single atom?

It is mainly so. But diatomic Xenon is used in Xenon lasers.

Is xenon a mateirial?

It is an element.

What matter is xenon?

It is an element.

What reacted with the element Xenon?

.The element's that can react with Xenon are Fluorine and Oxygen.

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