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non metals in general

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Q: Which elements bond easily with silver?
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Does silver bond easily with other substances?


Does Zinc bond easily with other elements?


What is elements bond with iondine?

any of them but they could explode easily

Why radon and krypton do not bond easily with other elements?


Does silver easily combine with other elements?

Yes silver is quite reactive.

What elements do hydrogen bond best with?

Hydrogen is a non-metal, therefore it will bond with metals such as magnesium, silver, etc.

Is Hydrogen more chemically active than Argon?

Yes, hydrogen has one electron and will readily bond with other elements. Argon is an inert gas which does not bond with other elements easily.

How can you tell what elements will bond with other elements?

By having a close look on the electronic configuration we can easily tell that which element will combine with the other elements and by which force too.

What type of bond between silver and silver?

The chemical bond in silver is a metallic bond.

Does the element Americium bond easily with other elements?

Yes, americium is a fairly reactive chemical element.

Does titanium want to bond easily with other elements?

Yes, as it is nearer the left side of the periodic table.

What elements does helium bond with?

helium does not bond with any elements.