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monster and Red bull

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monster is probably the best choice. (:

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Q: Which energy drink is better monster amp or red bull?
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Which energy drink is better red bull or amp?

monster and Red bull


Red Bull set the standard, but I highly recommend Monster Blue Energy Drink. It's a little healthier. For taste I prefer Red Bull, But for a better energy boost I go for Monster.

What energy drink is the most popular?

Easily redbull or monster.

What drinks have niacin?

Drinks that have niacin are coffee, Monster energy drink, Red Bull energy drink, Rockstar energy drink, tea, and powdered chocolate drinks.

Is a monster energy drink an element compound or mixture?

Red bull is a mixture. The only drink that is not a mixture is water.

Does a plant grow better with red bull the energy drink?


What is a jagerbomb?

A jagerbomb is an alcoholic drink that contains Red Bull and Jagermeister. When serving the drink a regular glass is filled with Red Bull and then a shot of Jagermeister is dropped into the glass.There are several popular variations of the drink such as a Rockstar Bomb (Red Bull being substituted by Rockstar Energy), Monster Bomb (Red Bull substituted by Monster), or the Chupacabra (Jagermeister is substituted by Tequila).

Does Monster Energy taste good?

Its the best drink in the world. You cant stop drinking it. It is the bom yo! its like red bull but better It is better than any energy drink around, i could live off that! Yes it is good but it isnt too good for health !!!! It has taurine inside but it tastes good!!! BUt dont drink a lot !!! 1 time of the week it doesnt matter !!! But everyday a friend of mine died by (moonster,red bull,SHARK,and oter energy drinks) I dont write this to scare you !!! but i think it will help!!! i like monster too but i drink 1 time in the 2 weeks

Anyone no where I can buy soda and energy drink tabs in bulk for a cheap price I really need the colored energy drink tabs too with the energy drink logo on em Monster Red Bull Rockstar amp etc?


What energy drink was the one they found cocaine in it?

Red Bull. but cocaine makes it all better.

How do you make an energy potion?

mix a monster, a red bull, and a rock-star energy drink together, if you want to go crazy, or stay up for 24 hours.

Is there bull sperm in Monster energy drinks?

There is no evidence of bull sperm in Monster energy drinks.