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naruto does not scratch itachi's headband because it was scratched when he first came into the show because itachi scratches it himself before we see him on the episode


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well naruto changed his head band in the first episode when he took of his goggles and put on the head band

Put some antibiotic ointment on the scratch and cover with a band aid. A scratch will heal in a few days.

google image naruto and he is the blond kid in the orange outfit with the blue head band

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Which band are you referring too? during the first season they had a new band every episode.

What you do is put either soap and water or some kind of cleanser on the scratch. This works for anything. A burn, scratch, or anything else. Put a band aid on after and make sure not to play with the scratch because it wont heal for a while.

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when him and naruto fought at death valley. sasuke went curse mark lv 2 and used the black chidori, then naruto went to one tails and use the vermillion rasengan which cut his head band.

'That 90's Show' (11th episode, 19th season).

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