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the feather falls faster. The quarter falls faster if the height is very tall. When the hight is about a foot or so the feather falls faster.

Try it for yourself :)

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If in a vacuum they fall at the same rate. But with air resistance the quarter will fall faster.

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Q: Which falls faster a quarter or feather?
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Why a feather and a small stone take different time to reach the groundEXPLAIN?

The feather is light, so it falls slow. The stone is heavier, so it falls faster.

Why does a coin fall down faster than a feather?

Because the feather has a massive amount of air resistance. The coin is small and dense, so it falls through the air much easier.

What is the duration of Four Feather Falls?

The duration of Four Feather Falls is 780.0 seconds.

When was Four Feather Falls created?

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When did Four Feather Falls end?

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Which force makes a feather fall to the ground more slowly than a stone?

The feather falls slower because it has air restistance. The air pushes up on it. The rock falls faster because it's mass and how it doesn't have air resistance. Also, because toilet seats produce a gas, reacting with the feathers on a feather, making the feather rise.

What does it mean when a black feather falls from the sky?

A crow has lost a feather.

What falls faster when dropped on the moon a hammer or a feather?

If they are dropped from the same height, they will fall at equal velocities because there is no air resistance and their accelerations by gravity are equal.

Which falls faster a quarter or a pencil?

A quarter and and a pencils have little air friction and would not observed to fall at different velocity in normal classroom condition. It will be observed to fall to the ground at the same time.

What is faster Victoria Falls Or Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is Much faster than Victoria falls and Victoria Falls is Much Higher!

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