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It belongs to the Non-metals.

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Q: Which family of elements does oxygen belong to?
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What family of elements does water belong to?

Water is not an element. It is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Which elements are in the same periodic table as oxygen?

sulphur, selenium, tellurium and polonium belong to the oxygen family.

What elements belong to the oxygen group?

Sulphur, selenium, tellurium, polonium and Uuh are other members of oxygen family.

What family do diatomic elements belong to?

They belong to different families but HALOGENS family consists of diatomic molecular elements.

What family on the periodic table does glucose belong to?

Only individual elements have a place on the periodic table, but glucose is composed of three different elements: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, so it doesn't belong anywhere on the table.

Does Oxygen belong to the halogen family?

no. oxygen belongs to chalcogens

What family does oxygen belong to?

the BCNO familyy(:

What family does oxygen belong too?

oxygen is one of the noble gasses.

What family of elements does silicon belong?

Silicon belongs in the family of metalliods

What family of elements does palladium belong to?

It is with the Transitional Metal!

What family of elements does lithium belong to?

alkali metals

What family or group do the representative elements belong?

the representative elements belong to the main group in the periodic table - rosellnica balasoto